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The Game's Afoot

Posted on Fri Jan 19th, 2024 @ 2:19pm by Lieutenant JG Vanya Karolyi

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Security Check-in
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Vanya Karolyi arrived on DS9 early so she could spend two weeks relaxing on the station and planet while she waited for her new posting. If two weeks scouring the history of the station and planet was relaxing to others. It was to her. Information was her job and her passion. And with her clearance, she had plenty of information to absorb. A lifetime of information, but she only had two weeks to see how many deep dives she could get in before she had to report to her new ship.

Long before she was ready, it was time to report in. She spent some of her time reading up on the ship and its crew, and a bit more on its intelligence department. She'd worked with a few Cardassians over the years and wondered if this one would turn out to be a prickly pear. Either way, she knew this would be different from her other postings and different was generally good.

Vanya slipped a slim bag over her shoulder. It contained everything she'd need for now: her tools of the trade and her PADD. Finally, she put her ID into the pocket in her boot—the one that didn't hold a small knife. In her experience, you never knew when you'd need a knife.

Vanya sauntered purposefully toward the security checkpoint outside the Majestic's umbilical. "Hi, fellas," she purred. "What do y'all want me to show you so I can get on the ship?" Her naturally husky voice was now a soft soprano with a southern drawl.

Two security personnel looked up at her and did a double take. "Ma'am?" one asked. He looked at his senior officer and then back at Vanya.

"I said, I need to see someone on the Majestic. Could y'all let me on board?" She giggled. "He's waitin' for me."

The petty officer shook his head. "I'm afraid not, ma'am. You need to have authorization and the proper codes before we can let you through." His voice sounded the slightest bit strained.

Good. She expected nothing less than professionalism, but she still had to try. "Are you sure? Just one tiny little look? I promise to keep it short. You can even come with me and ... hold my hand."

It was the ensign's turn to shake his head. "No, ma'am. No authorization, no admittance. No exceptions."

Vanya's smile grew as she walked closer to the two men and whispered. "You mean, I need authorization?" Her hand slipped into her bag and pulled out the PADD and handed it to them. "Something like this?"

While they looked it over, she sat on the edge of the desk and swung one foot back and forth. "Can I go up now?" she asked. She didn't expect them to agree, but it gave her a good idea of how well-trained the security was. Even here people could slip up. And she felt that it was part of her job to check for weaknesses.

The older man handed back her PADD. "Can we see another form of ID? We also need a palm print and retina scan."

"Ooh. I like a man who's thorough. " She stood, put the PADD back in her bag, bent over, and slipped the thin card out of her boot. "I think this will do." She handed it to the younger man and winked. "So, what about those scans?" 

The petty officer blushed as he took the card and processed it. It made Vanya chuckle. She did feel a little sorry for him, but just a little.

The officer cleared his throat and frowned. "Right here, ma'am." He indicated a bank of machines. Vanya was satisfied, but she continued to play the role. As she was shorter than average, she waited for the ensign to adjust the optic reader, then made a show of positioning herself where it could take the scan. It gave her time to look over this part of the setup and look for ways to get past it.

"Thank you, ma'am. Now the palm print and you'll be good to go."

"Thank you, Sugar." She pressed her palm to the plate and smiled. "That should clear me."

"Ma'am, here's your ID." As the petty officer handed her the card, it slipped out of his hands and fell to the ground. "I'm sorry!"

"It's quite all right," she assured him, reaching down to pick up her card, then slipping it back in her boot. When she straightened, she noticed the non-com was trying hard not to look at her. It made her smile. She'd probably have to spend an hour doing research as penance for her treatment of the poor guy.

The ensign cleared his throat again. "You can go, lieutenant."

She met the Ensign's eyes and smiled seductively. "Thank you." He swallowed hard and turned to his console. 

"You were both very kind. If I see you before I leave, I'll buy you a drink." It was the least she could do after that performance.

When she got to the end of the corridor she turned and blew them a kiss. They'd kept her from passing without showing her identification, but they missed the knife in her other boot. She'd have to dock them points for that.


Vanya Karolyi
Data Archivist and Analyst
USS Majestic


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