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Welcome back

Posted on Sun Dec 31st, 2023 @ 4:25am by Lieutenant Sandra Adamson & Tarria Sh’ezhinnir & Captain Elijah Rutherford

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Arboretum
Timeline: Current
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Elijah was walking along in the arboretum of the ship, admiring the renovations that had been made. There were two levels and not too far away was the Airponics bay where fresh food was grown. He walked paused in front of a rose bush that was there, leaning over to catch the fragrance of the crimson dark red bloom. At least he did take time to stop and smell the roses from time to time. Right now though he was deep in thought,wondering just who he would get to replace the former CMO, Sekat. Seems there was a revolving door where that position was concerned. Lily had stepped down from being the CMO, and now the position was empty. He walked a bit more, pausing to look at the Koi fish pond that was there.

Sandy and Tarria walked in to the arboretum and looked at the man, they assumed was the captain, smell the roses. They watched him silently for half a minute, and then Tarria opened her mouth. "I love what you done with the place, Captain." She said breaking the silence.

Sandy elbowed her friend. "Really, Tarria?"

Tarria shrugged, "That uniform thing is more for you starfleeters, Doctor. Stop being so boring. What is he going to do? Take you out back and shoot you for disturbing his peace?"

Hearing some voices, Elijah turned to see who had addressed him, looking in surprise at the two ladies there. He stood there for a moment or two, trying to recall what one of the women ahd said to him. "Er sorry I was caught up in some musings. Could you repeat what you said?" giving a slight smile.

"I love what you done with the place," Said Tarria, I am Tarria She'ezhinnir, this Lietenant Doctor Sandra Adamson." She pointed over to Sandy. She pushed her friend a little forward, "Sandy, you may not be afraid of the dark anymore, but you are still a shy mouse."

Sandy laughed nervous. "Eh yea, hello captain, I had orders ehm..."

Tarria elbowed Sandy softly. "Stop the stuttering."

Sandy than burst out, "Lieutenant Adamson reporting for duty, sir. Your new Chief Medical." She held out the padd she was holding all this time.

Tarria shook her head.

Elijah blinked for a moment at Sandra's torrent of introduction, then he smiled taking the padd. He looked at what was there and his eyebrows raised. "My oh my how fortuitous, talk about good fortune for me as well as the ship! And you had been on the Majestic before? Even better!" if his smile could get even brighter it did. "Definitly welcome back. " holding out the padd, then his hand to shake Sandra's hand. Then he turned to where Tarria was standing.

"Hello Tarria. Welcome aboard, have you been on this ship before?" the blonde captain's grin not diminishing one bit. He ws definitely filled with delight at such good luck that was happening. It must have been the good fortune coming from the Koi.

"Hold up, did that Irish chef get away with my bar?" Tarria balled her fists. "I told him I was just going to be out for a couple of months to get some courses done." She then took a deep breath and said, "Sorry captain, yes, I was the bartender slash lounge manager. And also the unofficial civilian counselor. I had a training, if you like to see my paperwork?"

"I'll take a look at the paperwork, but I do know my wife will be happy to have someone else who is a counselor as well." At the mention of the bar, "Now hold on, we have lounge here? I had no clue. Things have been a little bit insane here, we've been doing some adjusting with changes of crew members. A few have transferred and just left. This includes the Irish Chef." when Rutherford mentioned him, his voice sounded like he had some relief that the chef was gone. Elijah thought that chef was a little tyrant when it came to the kitchen of the ship.

Tarria looked grinning at Sandy. "I told you I knew he was gone." She then turned to the captain. "Have no fret, Captain. I have returned, and I brought one of the best Chefs around. His name is Luc. He is a Ferengi, keeps mostly to himself, but his cooking is amazing. He claims he was trained by the Admiralty chef himself. I don't know about that, but he can cook a mean Andorian Cabbage soup. And I have also tried his French and Vietnamese cuisine. its great, so it might be true the Admiralty chef trained him."

"You mean, former admiralty chef," Sandy corrected, "Didn't chef Dan quit his assignment with Starfleet Admiralty to to stay with his wife?"

"Oh yea, T'San." Tarria said. "Either way, Luc is a great chef, you will not be sorry to have him on your ship. And don't worry, he is not like most Ferengi. I believe he left Ferenginar a long time ago to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. Which makes it even more believable that Chef Dan trained him. Chef Dan is a sucker for people like him." She was quiet a moment and then said, "Sorry I stop rambling now. But one more thing, I would love to meet your wife, she sounds like a lovely lady. I am stopping!"

"Oh I do not mind that at all. I have to ask this, will he allow others into the kitchen? My wife loves to cook, besides being a counselor but that other chef..." he gritted his teeth when mentioning the former so called chef. "He actually said it was his domain..." he smiled at Tarria. "I am sure she would love to meet you as well."

He turned to Sandra, "I am looking forward to you resuming your activity on the ship. And I do believe Lily will be happy as well."

"Oh," said Tarria, "Hold on, let me say it like he would say it." Sandy rolled her eyes, but Tarria continued. "Hey, the captain needs to know what he is dealing with. Ok, ehum." Tarria held out her hand dramatically, "The kitchen is a tool of art, and everyone should feel free to express their art."

Sandy started laugh. "Oh yes, that's exactly how, Luc would say it."

"And," Tarria continued, "The bedroom is his domain, not the kitchen. That's a work place. He has a girl every other week, but he kicked one of them out the kitchen once cause he was working. Oh and don't worry, Luc is a gentleman, trust me I worked with the man."

Sandy just nodded and then said, "Ok that's enough about Luc. Who is Lily?"

"Lily Marlow, had been the CMO of the Majestic for a few short months before I was transfered here. Then something happened on a station that was run by holograms and the AI went crazy. The crew managed to shut it down. I was transfered to the ship, found out that Lily was on board, she requested to be dropped to Assitant CMO and we had two CMO's that stepped in. One was..." he rolled his eyes. "Lhaes, then he left and Sekat stepped in then he left. Sorry if I don't seem too professional about the CMO's after Lily, but they just weren't my favorites. They were so... ineffective." he then added, "Lily used to be in medical on my former ship. However from the records that I've pulled up on you, you were on this ship and have been very effective in running medical. I hadn't seen any complaints as to how medical was under your guidance." he paused and took another look at Sandra and Tarria. "I think you will do well in the ship and I am glad you have come back."

Sandy swallowed a bit at the mentioning of Sekat. "Oh that is quite alright, captain. I do remember both Lhaes and Sekat. I haven't worked with Lhaes much but Sekat, though as a doctor adequate, but his half Vulcan side made him more cocky. I should've caught on to that had I not been working on my own issues as well. I am glad to be back. I wonder how many of the old crew is still here if they remember me. Or Tarria."

Tarria nudged Sandy and she looked at her. "What?"

"Invite him for the thing, you know the sweet Dutch stuff, what you did with the other captain." Tarria whispered.

"Oh," Sandra smiled and said, "Tarria reminded me that I did give the previous captain some poffertjes, which is a Dutch sweet dish and think I should offer you some too. I don't know if I can make em as well as my grandmother, and those were actually from a replicator, but I do think that is a great idea, if you are open for it, Captain?" She looked cautious to the captain.

"Oh that sounds delightful, I do believe my wife would love that as well." Elijah giving a smile. He did have a sweet tooth. "Thank you very much." He glanced around once more then remarked, "Speaking of my wife, I am getting the feeling that she is wondering where I am at. Its almost dinner time and she will be needing help with my three year old twins. Besides, even if I am the captain of the ship, my family is definitely captains of my heart."

"Oh yes, of course," Sandy said, as she nodded to the captain. It was very nice to meet you, sir. I look forward to meeting your wife as well and your children. I will be their doctor too." She smiled as she looked to Tarria.

Tarria nodded too. "Yes, captain, what she said. I will excuse myself too. I really need to see with Luc and in what state that Irish chef wannabe left the lounge in." She walked off in the direction of where she remembered the lounge was.


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