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Security Transition: A Logical Approach

Posted on Wed Dec 27th, 2023 @ 11:53pm by Lieutenant S'vor & Captain Elijah Rutherford

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Captain's Ready Room - USS Majestic
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DS9, Elijah was all set to meet with his wife on the Promenade, Jasmine wanting to have a family dinner out away from the ship. He had told her he'd be meeting her in about an hour. He had made a couple of calls from his ready room, and as he had finished the last one, the door chimed. Elijah's eyebrow raised, he hadn't been expecting someone as of yet.

He stood up from the desk and moved to where he was standing in front of it, and called out, "Enter." Elijah allowing the person on the other side of the door to come inside. The keen hazel eyes took in the person who had entered, "Hello, I'm Captain Rutherford."

"Captain Rutherford," S'vor walked in and stood before the man. "Lieutenant Junior Grade S'vor, reporting in, as ordered." The vulcan stood at parade rest, with his hands behind his back, staring straight ahead. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"At ease Lieutenant S'vor." Elijah answered. The Vulcan had the bearing of a military man. And Elijah hadn't read over the man's record yet, as he normally operated as such. "I've got a few minutes before I need to meet with my wife. You are the new... Chief of Security welcome aboard. Have you met your staff as of yet?"

Though told he could stand at ease, S'vor was basically at ease. The only thing that he was willing to do was to move his head to make eye contact with the commanding officer. "Thank you, Captain. I have not. I do believe it is more formal and respectful to meet the commanding officer right away. I have always made sure to report directly to make sure I was given the more accurate information and expectation prior to taking on my newest position.

"If this is not the best time, I would be happy to schedule a later time."

Elijah shook his head. "I have the time for us to speak, and my wife will understand." he moved to resume his seat behind the desk and motioned for S'vor to have a seat as well. "I will send her a quick message." him doing just that. "There she has been notified. " Elijah stated, "Please have a seat, Lieutenant S'vor"

"Captain Rutherford, I appreciate your understanding and willingness to meet," S'vor calmly replied before taking a seat, maintaining his composed demeanor. "I find it logical to establish clear communication channels with my commanding officer promptly. It facilitates a more efficient exchange of information and expectations."

"As the newly appointed Chief of Security, I am committed to ensuring the safety and security of this station. If there are specific protocols or preferences you have regarding security matters, I am open to receiving your guidance," S'vor added, his focus unwavering.

Elijah gave S'vor a thoughtful, scrutinizing gaze "Tell me a bit about your history, where you have served and with whom."

"Captain Rutherford, I appreciate your inquiry. My service record encompasses a diverse range of assignments, each contributing to my skills and understanding of security and tactical operations. I began my journey at the Vulcan Institute for the Defensive Arts, followed by Starfleet Academy, where I specialized in Tactical, Security, and Intelligence."

"I underwent training on the USS Peking during my cadet cruise and later served as a Security/Tactical Officer on the USS Liberty and USS Ark Royal during the Dominion War. My experience broadened as I transitioned to the role of Tactical Officer and Fighter Squadron member on the USS Gladiator. Post-war, I briefly served as an Assistant Security/Tactical Officer on the USS Fitzgerald.

"I then joined the Federation Intelligence Agency, serving as a Field Agent, Case Agent, and Special Agent for over two decades. This tenure exposed me to a variety of perspectives and enhanced my skills in information gathering, infiltration tactics, and assisting with judicial cases.

"After my time in the FIA, I returned to Starfleet and assumed the role of Assistant Security/Tactical Officer on the USS Cortez, where I demonstrated my expertise in tactical maneuvers and combat strategy during a confrontation with a Ferengi ship, among other opponents."

"With this background, Captain, I am prepared to contribute to the safety and security of this station. My experiences have instilled in me a commitment to logic, reason, and protection of others. I look forward to applying my skills and learning from the esteemed crew under your command," S'vor wrapped up as he kept his Vulcan demeaner and straight posture.

"That is all well and good." Elijah responded impressed by the experience that S'vor has had. He wondered though, how S'vor would deal with the current situation that Elijah had found when he was transfered to the USS Majestic. He verbalized his curiosity. "Tell me something Lieutenant. Have you had dealings with sentient holograms?"

"Yes, Captain," S'vor replied with a measured tone. "During a brief visit to the USS Gladiator, I encountered a sentient holographic entity named Emmah, who originally served as the ship's LMH—Long-Range Medical Hologram.. She is now assigned as the ship's command AI. and command staff assistant. Though my interactions were limited, she offered insight into the unique dynamics and challenges posed by sentient holographic beings. Is there a possible threat, in which, I should be concerned about?"

"We do have some sentient holograms who are currently housed in one of the holosuites. They are on a secure circuit as to they do not have access to the rest of the ship. These holo entities had helped to free crew members who had been on a station that was supposed to be a shore-leave. That became a nightmare for those who had hoped to have had a time of relaxation. The station was refered to Adna station. The AI that had kept that station running had developed issues. With the help of these 'rebels' as they referred themselves as, and a human counterpart, they were able to shut down Adna and help rescue the crew that had been in cryo sleep, after they had seemingly been killed. Long story short, the sentient entities are not a danger, but still it was best to put them their own environment, and keep them separated from the rest of the crew, as to them having experienced the hurt and injuries they had taken from holo persons being able to damage them." Elijah leaning back in his chair to regard S'vor.

"So in essence, they are refugees in the holosuite," S'vor replied, pondering the ramifications of this new era they now lived in. The concept of a computer program that became a form of displaced existence intrigued the Vulcan. "While I comprehend the unique circumstances, Captain, there are inherent security concerns with the existence of sentient holograms, especially if they possess the capability to interact with the ship's systems or, more critically, replicate themselves. They maybe secured in their own server, cut off from the computer core. But the power supply is not, and there are ways to possibly interact in that manner. It is a unique situation that requires careful monitoring."

He paused briefly before continuing, "May I inquire, Captain, about your plans for these holographic entities? Additionally, what would you like me to do with this information? Are there specific security protocols or measures you wish to implement regarding their containment and interaction with the ship's crew?"

"Secure measures have been implemented. As to the interaction of crew members with our refugees, there has been minimal. It is due to those being uncomfortable. Oz, who is their leader has been most cooperative. He even gave up his holo emitter which would have given him the ability to travel through the halls. There is also security that is stationed outside of the holosuite as well as them being monitored closely by operations. Interaction is by appointment only and requested through me. They do have an advocate and that is Lieutenant T'seng our diplomatic officer. She is also the one who is the most familiar with them. Her tale and experience is a rather unique one. We also have another one of their companions residing in the cargo bay for the time being. His name is Guardian and is a metal dragon, sort of an animatronic piece of machinery, and yet seems to have sentience as well." Elijah giving S'vor the rundown of things that are currently happening.

The vulcan listened attentively to Captain Rutherford's detailed explanation, his expression remaining composed and contemplative. He absorbed the information about the holographic entities, the security measures in place, and the protocols for crew interaction. As Captain Rutherford delved into the unique details of Lieutenant T'seng's role and the presence of Guardian in the cargo bay, S'vor maintained his silence.

The mention of Guardian, a metal dragon with apparent sentience, elicited a subtle arch of S'vor's eyebrow—an almost imperceptible sign of curiosity that hinted at a momentary lapse in his typical Vulcan stoicism. It was clear that the concept of a sentient metal dragon presented a challenge to S'vor's logical framework, leaving him momentarily uncertain about how to categorize or process such information. Yet, he refrained from verbalizing any inquiries or expressing further reaction, keeping his internal reflections well-guarded.

"As your Chief of Security, should I anticipate the necessity to seek approval for entry into these locations?" S'vor inquired, dismissing, even by Vulcan standards, the inclination to inquire about the 'dragon.'

"It would be desirable that you meet those who are housed in the holodeck, just so that you will be familiar with them. Also go meet Guardian as well. I suggest that you take one of the people who are familiar with said situation. Just to confirm to Guardian that you are allowed there as well. Our current status is that we will be going into the Gamma Quadrant to follow the coordinates of where Oz and the rest of his rebel band to a planet where they will reside." Elijah commented.

S'vor observed the captain with a brief pause, his measured gaze assessing the situation before finally speaking. "Do you have a prior acquaintance with Captain David Hawkins from the Gladiator, and did he influence your decision to involve me in some form of jest?"

Elijah raised an eyebrow at this. He pulled out his Padd to check as to what S'vor had remarked upon. "You served with Captain Hawkins?" Giving a quick scan as to when S'vor had served with Captain Hawkins. "I've not spoken to him in quite a few years. As to what I said, I am not making this up nor to pull you into some sort of joke at your expense. I was also surprised to find out the situation that the crew had found itself in. A sentient holoprogram who calls himself Oz, and his side kick firefly sort of creature that has the name of Glowbug? It boggles the mind. How is that so and so?"

S'vor maintained his focused attention on Captain Rutherford's response, his Vulcan composure unwavering. After a moment of contemplation, he spoke in his characteristic measured tone.

"Indeed, Captain. As for Captain Hawkins, I do have a prior acquaintance with the captain. However, my inquiry aimed to comprehend the origins of this assignment and the details presented in the briefing. Your clarification is duly noted," S'vor stated, his expression remaining stoic.

"In regard to meeting the holographic entities and addressing the unique circumstances, I will proceed as advised. Prioritizing acquaintance with the individuals involved and confirming access with Guardian will be my immediate focus. If there are specific security measures or protocols you wish to implement, kindly inform me, and I will ensure their implementation," he continued, awaiting further guidance from his commanding officer.

"What we have seems to be more than sufficient. Though, with you being the new chief of security, you do not seem to be the sort of person who will accept what is already there. As you are chief of security, and also one who doesn't shirk his duties nor his work."

"Indeed, Captain. Your instructions are clear, and I will proceed accordingly. If there are any additional directives or specific security measures you wish to emphasize, please convey them, and I will ensure their implementation," S'vor responded, maintaining his composed demeanor.

"I will make certain to keep you informed." Elijah replied. "Now though I am going to go meet with my wife and my children for dinner. Thank you for coming to see me." the blond haired man rising up from his seat.

In the same manner, Lieutenant S'vor stood and straightened his posture before standing at parade rest. "Thank you for your time, Captain. I will get started right away with my duties."

"That will be good. Dismissed." Elijah formally giving the dismissal. It was going to be a good change to have this new security chief as far as he can see. Definitely better than a certain Romulan security officer. Even though Elijah didn't voice his feelings about the Romulan Chief of Security, he wasn't too pleased with his performance. The man had a certain air about him that grated on his nerves.

Lieutenant S'vor acknowledged the dismissal with a crisp nod and exited the captain's ready room. The Vulcan maintained his composed demeanor, his mind already processing the information and tasks ahead. As the door closed behind him, S'vor set forth to acquaint himself with the station's security team and address the unique challenges posed by the presence of sentient holographic entities.


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