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Counselor meeting Counselor

Posted on Wed Jun 26th, 2024 @ 10:20pm by Lieutenant Jasmine (Pratchett) Rutherford & Lieutenant True Keading

Mission: A Day In The Life
Location: Chief Counselor's office
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[OOC: Gotta have a meeting with the chief counselor. lol -cynthia

Her children were happily in day care where they can run around and play with other children. Jasmine decided she needed to meet with the new chief counselor, Lieutenant True Keading. Would she be in her office or somewhere else? A quick tap of the communicator would gain an answer for Lieutenant Jasmine Rutherford.

=^= Lieutenant Keading, I'm Lieutenant Rutherford, do you have a moment or two?=^= her voice having a warm and friendly tone.

=^=Of course. I'm in my office if you'd like to stop by.=^= As soon as True broke the connection she got up to tidy up her office. Recognizing the last name she wondered who this could be and why they wanted to meet with her.

A few minutes later a woman stepped inside True's office, her dark hair pulled into a soft bun. "Hello, I am one of your counselors." she said with a smile. "And I am the wife of Captain Rutherford. I had noticed that we have a new Chief Counselor and wanted to welcome you to the ship. May I have a seat?"

"Absolutely." True gestured to the couch across from her chair. "It's a pleasure to meet you ma'am." Honestly True hadn't known that Captain Rutherford had a wife but then again she hadn't been here very long and hadn't gotten to know him well. "Is this just a social call or did you have something you wanted to discuss with a counselor?"

Taking a seat on the sofa, Jasmine had a smile. "Actually a mixture of both in truth. First off, have you ever had a sentient hologram request counseling? I truly do not know quite how to respond to that. The one who had requested counseling is one of the refugee's from Adna station."

"I personally have not, but I have heard of such a thing. I would be extremely interested in attending such a session though. After all holograms are sentient. They have feelings as any biological being would. It's a fascinating subject and one that I find myself trying to remain neutral about."

A relieved smile appeared and Jasmine answered. "Oh good, I was hoping that you'd be willing to be a part of that. This is unexplored territory I've yet to experience. I had heard of the possibility of sentient holograms needing counseling, but haven't read anything as to how to go about this. Except for treating them like I would any patient."

"I think it would be fascinating. I'll certainly try my hardest not to be prejudiced. I know it's a hard thing for some people to respect, the thought that a computer program could be anything other than what it's creator created."

Jasmine gave a nod on True's comment. "I truly feel that they have their own personalities. There is also a contruct a... metallic dragon who is residing on one of the cargo bays. His name is Guardian. I've not met him but... just so odd, and he is the one who took care of our now Diplomatic Officer, Lieutenant T'seng. T'seng I've not had the opportunity to talk to her on a counseling level yet. I do believe she is due for one. And then there is Lily, she's still been a bit elusive where counseling is concerned."

"Some people seek counseling because they believe it will make them batter. Others hide from it because they think they've buried whatever they went through and that talking about it will only cause them pain to rehash it. I'm of two minds. I do believe counseling helps but at some point you have to decide that you are moving on and that's something that each individual person must go through before counseling can be successful." True gave a small shrug of apology at rambling on about it.

"What you say is quite true, it invariably ends up in the individual's hands when it comes to their personal well-being both mentally and physically. There is an old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. It is the same with mental health or anything else." Jasmine responded.

True nodded. And then she paused and seemed to have lost her train of thought. "Eventually everyone gets to see the counselor, one of us anyway, it can't be put off forever." True smiled. "Anyway . . . " She hadn't realized how tired she was and couldn't think of anything else to say in the moment.

Jasmine noticed the signs of flagging conversation, she was also wondering what they could converse on. "Tell you what how about we get together with some of the other ladies sometime soon and they can meet you in a more relaxed manner. Besides, I do need to go get my kids from daycare."

"Sure, that sounds like fun. Just let me know where and when and I'll look forward to it." True smiled. She definitely wanted to make friends on this new ship and perhaps forget about what happened to her on her last two ships.

"Lets make plans for that then." Jasmine giving a happy smile at the thought of this. "Okay talk with you later then" rising up to take her leave.

"Absolutely. Enjoy your day and it was nice to meet you." True walked her to the door and then returned to get ready for her next appointment.

Lieutenant True Keading
Chief Counselor
USS Majestic

Captain Elijah Rutherford
USS Majestic



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