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Security meeting with Lily

Posted on Thu Jul 4th, 2024 @ 7:16pm by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant S'vor & Lieutenant JG Tara Marsh

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Security Office
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Lily had found that she was to report to Security, on request from the Chief of Security as well as the Assistant Chief of Security. She waited in the interview room for them to arrive. Tea was provided for her upon her request. She sipped at the tea, blowing on it slightly to cool it down.

Tara came out first, wearing a contagious smile on her face. She welcomed Lily graciously. "You must be Lieutenant Marlow. I'm Lieutenant Tara Marsh. I'm the new Assistant Chief of Security. How are you doing today?"

"I am doing fairly well." Lily answered giving a return smile to Tara. "So... I as a bit surprised in getting a call to come to security. Kinda of makes me wonder what is going on to warrant a call for that."

"I'm sure the Chief will let you know more about that as soon as the Chief gets here," Tara replied. "All I can do is assure you that you're in no kind of trouble, and as far as I can tell, nobody else is either." She paused for a moment studying Lily. "Hopefully that is comforting."

"Good day, Lieutenant Marlow," S'vor greeted as he entered the room, his tone neutral and composed. He acknowledged Tara with a nod before turning his attention to Lily. "Thank you for joining us. I trust you are well."

"It is comforting." Lily responded to Tara, then responded to S'vor. "I am doing well. You have certainly gotten my curiosity as to what this entails, my speaking to you both. However, I am amenable to answering questions or giving information you may need."

Tara acknowledged S'vor's nod with a slight one of her own. "We asked you here to discuss your time on Adna Station and to give us your insights on the holos," Tara finally explained now that S'Vor was here.

Lily drew in a sharp breath; it still had some effects on her even though it had happened a little while ago. "We had stopped at Adna Station, for shore leave. I ..."

"Please, take your time," S'vor interjected calmly, his demeanor reassuring. "We are here to gather information, and there is no rush. Your account of the events at Adna Station will be invaluable to our understanding of the situation."

Lily drew in a breath then let it out slowly. "So much had happened. The first part of the shore leave seemed like it was supposed to be. Different areas of the station were fun, and enjoyable. Then it became sinister. There was a dance and the hologram people turned into monsters. We dealt with vampires and werewolves. I witnessed several people get attacked; then it looked like they had died. We were without weapons of our own to defend ourselves. Who would have thought that we'd needed weapons on shore leave? We thought we were all going to be injured or killed, then a small group of holopeople, the ones who we have on our ship now, in one of the holosuites, came to our aid. They were coordinated by Lieutenant T'seng. Well at that time, she was only known as Splice." She stopped there.

"Go on," Tara encouraged. "I'm very curious about Lieutenant Splice and would love to know everything about her."

"You'd have to ask her about any other history she has to share. All I know is that the previous doctor and I got her out of the stasis chamber she was in and had to perform surgery on her heart. T'seng had been placed in that due to her heart condition that couldn't be taken care of 20 years ago. Now she is among the living and is a diplomat."

"What was wrong with her heart?" Tara wondered. After all, if whatever species left was so sophisticated to create such holobeings, how could they not cure something in her heart?

"T'seng may be able to answer you a bit more. However, the person who created the holo beings who became sentient, he was no longer on the station. I think it is a bit of a complicated mess to be quite honest. Bits and pieces of information have shown up, and we're working to make more sense of it."

"Can you tell me what does make sense and what does not? I am trying to sort it all out myself," Tara admitted. "A shortcut could be useful."

"From what I have been able to piece together, is that the holo-sentients were not created by the ones who created the ancient stasis chamber. Those were created by a human who had been on the station possibly fifteen years ago.Maybe even longer. T'seng had been found in the station's medical bay, being attended to by the EMH. And there was no-one else there. The stasis chamber she was in was failing so they put her in that ancient one which was also connected to Guardian. This proved to be beneficial for her as well as the sentient holo-people. And later on for us."

"How so?" Tara gently pressed.

"Due to the moblity of said stasis chamber, connected to Guardian, T'Seng aka Splice was able to elude Adna's efforts to shut her down. As as result of that, us finding Guardian, Commander T'Par gave the command to Guardian to take down the Faraday protection. At the same time the Chief of Science had with the help of Oz the leader of the rebel band of holo sentients, went to the core of Adna to shut her down. And that is things in a nutshell." Lily drawing in a deep breath. "I know it sounds rather complicated, but it was a complicated mess."

"It seems like a mess," Tara agreed.

"All I know is I am glad to be out of that situation, and the crew and ship safe away from that crazy station. Uh, is there anything more you need from me?" Lily asked, wanting to get back to medical.

Tara thought hard about it. A medical officer could not really evaluate the threat to the ship, if any. However, she was the contact. She needed to talk to an ops officer. "I can't think of anything at the moment." Tara paused as she firmed her lips. "If there is anything else, I'll reach out to you."

"Thank you, I will respond when you do reach out." Lily replied. She rose up from her chair and gave a nod. I will see you later. if you need the cursory medical examination." She gave a smile before she left the room.



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