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Meeting of the Assistants

Posted on Tue Jun 25th, 2024 @ 7:30pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Par & Lieutenant JG Tara Marsh

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Science
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Settling into a ship also meant meeting the people that one would be working with and Tara did enjoy meeting people. As an Assistant Chief of Security, however, it did not seem prudent to meet the Chiefs first. After all, the people she would most likely be on duty with were the Assistant Chiefs. Therefore, she decided to start meeting her potential co-workers.

She looked on the list and noticed that the Assistant Chief of Science was a Vulcan. Tara wondered how many Vulcans were on the ship. Vulcans were not an anomaly but there usually was still a high prejudice, whether the Vulcans would admit it or not, about staying on Vulcan ships or in the Vulcan Science Academy. Yet, here on this ship was a Vulcan in the Assistant Chief of Science.

More interesting to Tara was that T'Par apparently was in intelligence before science. She wondered about the switch. This was going to be an interesting Vulcan, indeed. So, she practically hopped over to science and set about looking for T'Par.

T'Par was working when Tara found here. It was not especially glamorous work, like T'Par's work with the Guardian or other new life forms and fascinating anomalies. It was the sort of technical and routine work that made up most of her day. She was scanning a plant that looked something like a cucumber but quite a bit larger. She studied the readings and then walked over to the laboratory console. She started to enter them and, only then, did she seem to glance up at Tara. "Lieutenant Marsh," she said, apparently already familiar with who Tara was. "I hope there is not a security problem?"

If Tara was surprised that T'Par knew her name, she did not reveal it. "One can never be certain," Tara answered, hoping to keep the Vulcan a little off balance. "I came to introduce myself. As we're both second in charge of our respective departments, I thought it best to meet, since we will often have to work together."

"If you treat certainty as an epistemological absolute," T'Par granted, "but, in science, we deal with degrees of certainty." If T'Par was off balance, she gave no sign of it. Her expression remained impassive and serene. "That we will, lieutenant. I hope you settling in well?"

Tara was not sure what "epistemological" meant but she was certain that it had to do something with science or philosophy or something Vulcany that she did not care about. After all, she was far from a deep thinker. "I am, thank you. Just trying to make my rounds and meet all the people. It makes it easier to help folks when you know what makes them tick."

"Logical," T'Par agreed.

"I am curious, though. Why did you come to Starfleet? Why not work at home with the Vulcan Science Academy or on a Vulcan ship? It has not been my experience to see many Vulcans join Starfleet and yet, we have at least two, including yourself, that I have already met on this ship."

"Your surprise is illogical," T'Par said. "Vulcan is a founding member of the Federation and many Vulcans serve in the Federation Starfleet. My mother was a Starfleet officer."

"No offense," Tara responded before silently scolding herself that Vulcans would consider any show of emotion or offense as uncouth. Though that would not be the word they would choose, it would certainly be something equivalent to embarrassment. Nonetheless, she started the phrase, knew she was likely to hear a small lecture about it, but had to continue. "Until Spock joined Starfleet, and he was half Vulcan, most Vulcans considered serving on a Federation vessel to be a...." Find a Vulcan word, Tara.... "inferior use of their abilities. Even now, most Vulcans consider the Vulcan Science Academy a place to reach their greatest potential, so I am told. Even now, many Federation ships with Vulcans are solely Vulcan as few have the um, patience, to handle non-Vulcan's, um, illogic. So, seeing two Vulcans on one ship is, well, a little surprising but not unexpected. Does that clarify my statement for you sufficiently?" she asked with a hopeful smile.

"Offense would be an emotional response," T'Par said. "But you do overstate the statistics. Two is not so unusual on a ship this size." T'Par paused a moment and decided to actually answer Tara's question instead of chiding her for asking it. "Vulcans who disdain Starfleet indulge in flawed logic. Starfleet is essential to the security of Vulcan. It was repeatedly preserved the Vulcan people both from threats to the entire Federation and direct threats to Vulcan particularly. More personally, I have an intellectual fascination with other species, other minds, other ways of seeing the world. My specialty at the academy was anthropology. Exposure to colleagues from so many worlds and cultures is something I find intellectually enriching."

Stifling a small giggle, Tara was satisfied having predicted much of T'Par's reaction. "I see. So, what fascinates you about my mind?" This should be a most interesting and informative answer.

"Your mind specifically? I don't know yet. I have just met you," T'Par said.

"But certainly, you must have come to some conclusions," Tara answered with an amused smile.

"You seem rather amused," T'Par said. "I do not intend to indulge this further."

The Assistant Chief Security Officer sighed, her fun cut short. Part of her wanted to ask, "what do you wish to indulge?" but she suspected that would annoy her peer more and that was not her intent. Vulcans truly needed to learn to develop a more playful side. "So, what do you enjoy when you're not working, Commander T'Par?"

"I enjoy games of strategy. Kal-toh. Chess, both the two and three dimensional variants. A few others. How about yourself, Lieutenant Marsh?"

"If it involves running, a ball, or athletic skill of any kind, then I'm probably going to be interested in it. I just might try anything once."

"So you prefer physical competition?" T'Par asked.

"Yes, though it does not always have to be a competition. I like the physical activity. I like how it makes me feel and I live a healthy lifestyle to keep me feeling that way."

"Perhaps we could climb mountains," T'Par suggested.

"Would you like that?" Tara asked optimistically before internally cringing. A Vulcan would not admit to having an emotion like enjoyment. "I mean, is that an interest of yours, as well?"

"It would be stimulating," T'Par said. If the word like had irked her, she didn't show it.

"I'll arrange some time for us on the holodeck then. We can practice for a time where we land on a planet that has some real cliffs."

"Very well," T'Par agreed.

"I should let you get back to work, then," Tara concluded.

"I will see you soon," T'Par said. "Take care."

Lieutenant JG Tara Marsh
Assistant Chief Security Officer
USS Majestic

Lieutenant Commander T'Par
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Majestic


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