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Impromptu wedding

Posted on Tue Jan 11th, 2022 @ 1:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Angus Murphy & Captain Elijah Rutherford & Patrick O'Malley

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Private quarters/ready room
Timeline: current
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Patrick grabbed Murph by the hand and pulled him close, wrapping his arms around his waist once the man was close enough. "Let's do this.... today," he suggested, "before some other emergency happens and we need to put it off. let's go see the captain, and get married. No big parties, just something small, just us. well and whoever needs to witness this for us of course, but you know... just small." He grinned. "Somewhat like eloping, but here, on the ship, you know?"

"Today?" Murph blinked, slightly taken by surprise at the suggestion. But the idea wasn't unwelcome. He smiled and stammered, "Ye-- I uh... Yeah, why not. Carpe diem."

"Sweet!" Patrick kissed him fiercely before hugging him. "No party stress, nothing. Just us, and our" he smiled happily at his soon to be husband. "Dress, duty or casual? I'm going for that dark brown suit you like so much, with the pale green shirt. Who do we call to ah... witness?" The happy chef seemed to be at a momentary loss.

"Do we need one? We do need the captain, so we should probably check if he's available," Murphy said, as he head to the workstation to send a message. "I don't think we want to ambush him."

"I don't know if we do," Patrick mused, "and I suppose we do need to call the captain..." He followed Murph to the workstation, watching the screen somewhat anxiously.

Elijah was reading over several padds and making notes on another when the view screen beeped. He activated it and saw Patrick and Murphy. "Hello, lovely to see you both. What can I do for you?" he did note that there was a questioning gaze in their eyes.

Patrick leaned closer, wrapping his arms around Murph's shoulders. "We'd like to get married," he blurted out, "today...if possible..."

"I think that can be managed, most definitely." Elijah responded with a smile."How much time do you need and do you wish anyone to be witness. I can bring my wife here to stand as witness as well."

Patrick looked sideways at his partner. "I don't think we need much time, but I've got no idea about witnesses sir... What about your Murph? I'm okay with his wife...."

"Your wife would be absolutely fine, sir," Murphy agreed with a small smile. "Thank you. We'll meet you in the arboretum in a few hours then?"


Somewhat nervous, Patrick walked along Murphy's side, their arms linked. He was trying to make it seem as they were just on a casual walk but he was well aware of the occasional stare they were drawing. People were so perceptive!

He smiled brightly though, drawing Murph's arm a little closer to his side. "It's really happening," he whispered as they stepped inside the arboretum, which seemed to have been cleared of people somehow.

Murphy was in his dress uniform, which probably did stand out a bit in people's perceptions of them. "It really is," he smiled and squeezes Patrick's arm a bit. "I only feel slightly faint," he added with an impish chuckle. He took a deep breath and guided Patrick forward, further into the Arboretum where a very small gathering had already formed.

Elijah was in his dress uniform while Jasmine was in a lovely blue dress. She smiled when she saw Patrick and Murphy arrive. To one side there was a table with a small one. Unfortunately it was a replicated cake as there wasn't the time for one to be handmade. She'll make a proper one later. There was also a carpet leading to an area that had some garlands on it. Elijah was waiting for the two men, with a smile

"Good to see you, gentlemen." he commented, "I have asked Ensign Huojin Yáng if he would stand in as best man. He's one of our pilots, newly arrived. He is willing to a stand in as giving away the groom or even the best man, which ever you prefer."

The young ensign, gave a wave towards the two of them. "Hello." giving a smile. He was dressed in his best uniform as well. "A pleasure."

Not too far were the two twins of Elijah's the little girl holding a basket of flower petals and the boy was holding a pillow.

"I'm going to be the ring carrier." the boy, Matthew announced rather proudly.

The little girl, Priscilla looked at her brother, "Its called ring bearer."

"I like ring carrier, I don't want to bury the rings" Matthew retorted.

Jasmine hushed her children with an apologetic smile towards the men.

"I think..." Murphy looked to Patrick for confirmation, "I think we can give ourselves away, but... but it's nice that everyone is here... and is willing to participate and celebrate with us."

Patrick nodded as he looked around in awe. "We don't need giving away, we've already given ourselves away," he agreed, "and you arranged this mighty fast sir....almost as if you were expecting this...." He cast Jasmine a grateful smile, the minutest of frowns at the perfect looking cake which was never-ever going to be fresh. "It's perfect...."

Jasmine said quietly, "I will make the real thing later" nodding towards the cake." giving an apologetic smile.

Elijah chuckled, "Well..." he looked over at his wife. " Someone did have some preparations. However." he cleared his throat. "With how special this occasion is, and two well deserving people who have found each other. I would like the two of you to give each other your own vows. I already know that the two of you love each other, but you may have words that will be more fitting than my rather dry ceremonial words could be. Would everyone take their places?"

Houjin went over to stand on the best man's side with Murphy and Jasmine stood on the side of Patrick as his best woman.

Patrick looked towards Murphy, a brief hint of loss on his face as he hadn't really prepared any special words. "We found each other when we needed to," he finally said, "though it took us a while to admit how we really felt." He smiled happily as he considered his next words. "I'm happy persistence paid off, and especially that insisting you eat right paid off. I know they say a man's love goes through his stomach and I suppose that is true, but I love you and I'll always love you."

He took Murph's hand between his own, squeezing gently. "And I'll always be there for you and support you, no matter what," he finished.

"Patrick," Murphy began, not entirely sure where he was going to go with this impromptu vow. He held Patrick's hands in his own and took a breath, "When I met you, I was installing your kitchen and I thought you were a bit too high-maintenance and kind of fussy, and you had a very different worldview than me...." He smirked and shrugged a bit, a mischievous sparkle reflected in his eyes. "And that's all still mostly true," he couldn't help but chuckle a bit, "but they're all the qualities I've grown to admire and love in you. We complete each other in a way I never really imagined possible. And it doesn't hurt that you make the best lasagna I've ever had."

"We've been through a lot together," Murph continued. "There've been some rough patches, ship-wide disaster, personal challenges.... and then every time when we're on the other side of a grim situation I look back and think, 'There's no other person in this universe that I'd rather have by my side.' And now we're facing.... something new. I know that someday-- when we're old and gray -- we'll look back on our lives together and have no regrets. ...Patrick, from this day forward, you will never have to walk alone."

Jasmine dabbed at her eyes, for she found the vows to be lovely and beautiful. Ensign Houjin was quiet as he watched the whole proceeding.

At the end of the vows, Elijah smiled, then said "Now for the ring exchange. Angus Murphy and Patrick O'Malley, repeat after me. With this ring I thee wed."

"With this ring, I thee wed," Patrick answered quietly, his eyes fixed on the man he loved.

Murphy slipped the ring onto Patrick's finger as he also repeated, "With this ring, I thee wed."

When the rings were exchanged, Elijah said, "By the power invested in me. I now pronounce you husband and husband. You my kiss your man." giving the two of them a smile.

Priscilla not knowing what else to do with the flower petals decided to throw them in the air to make a shower of flower petals, giggling.

"My man," Patrick whispered as he wrapped his arms around Murph's neck, holding nothing back on the passionate kiss.

After a few seconds, the kiss ends and Murphy grins. "So.. we actually did that. We're married," he whispers to Patrick, but certainly it's loud enough to carry to the small group around them.

"We certainly did," Patrick answered in an equal whisper, as tears started to form in his eyes. "I'm so glad we finally did, I've not felt this happy in quite some time." he held his new husband close, as if unwilling to let him go just now. "I suppose we should toast now? Cut the cake?"

Priscilla and Matthew at the suggestion of cutting the cake squealed, "Cut the cake, I want some cake!" Both looking at each other then walked right up to Patrick and looked into his eyes. "Please can we have some cake?" their eyes big and round with innocence. Then Priscilla grabbed hold of one of Patrick's hand and Matthew grabbed the other and excitedly drew him in that direction, giggling.

Patrick laughed as he was pulled away, allowing the children to do so. "C'mon Murph, we can't have these children starve, can we?"

"No, we certainly can't," Murphy agreed with a smirk as he was led toward the cake table. "Cake for everyone!"


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