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A Majestic Entrance

Posted on Sun Jan 9th, 2022 @ 5:23pm by Lieutenant JG Siora Carberos & Captain Elijah Rutherford

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Ready Room, USS Majestic
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Siora's time off had came to an end and she was now part of the new crew, that of the USS Majestic. There were what Humans called butterflies in her stomach. That nervousness that came with a new environment, new people and the complete unknown. Yes, she'd worked with Starfleet for a while now but she had always felt like an outsider looking in, maybe that would never change.

She played with her rank pips, a nervous habit she'd picked up, as she stood outside the doors of the ready room of her new Captain. She had opted to not go the bridge route but instead that of the corridor outside the bridge just to ease her integration. All those eyes on the new girl was not something she enjoyed, nor wanted.

Centring herself she pushed the chime firmly before waiting for those fateful words.

Eiijah was absentmindedly playing with a toy car his son had left behind, and rolled it back and forth. "Enter!" he called out still rolling the car back and forth then when he heard the door opening with a swoosh, he quickly stood up and the toy car rolled off the desk and to the floor coming to a stop near Siora's foot. He looked at her and then chuckled. "Greetings, careful there I wouldn't want you to slip on that and have an accident."

Siora bent down to pick up the small toy and smiled. "No sir, and on my first day... The Captain sending his new Operations Chief to Sickbay would not look good. Although there is not much of me to fall..." she said moving towards the desk and placing the car down.

"Thank you." Elijah said in regards to her placement of the car upon his desk. He came out from behind the desk and walked over to the replicator. "My son had left it here when he wanted to have time in daddy's office." giving a chuckle. "He fancies himself to be a captain some day even if he is still a small boy. Would you care for something to drink?" he ordered his own, a ginger honey tea.

"Yes, I hear children can be quite a handful." Siora smiled as she watched the Captain move across the room. "I'll just have hot chocolate please? If that's okay." she asked, her quiet addiction to the sweet substance knew no bounds.

"I've got twins, and they keep myself and my wife rather busy. I am glad we've got a good day care here on the ship though." giving a grin, "It gives my wife, Jasmine a good break. Especially since she's a counselor on the ship as well." Ethan remarked as he brought over Siora's chocolate. Once she took it he settled down on a seat not too far from Siora. "you are in luck, right now with this ship. I've just taken over the reins of the USS Majestic, so for this ship, it is my maiden voyage." then took a sip of his tea.

"Thank you sir." Siora said as he passed her the drink and continued. "Well I hope to keep things as smooth as I can for you Captain." She said taking a sip of the hot chocolate. The feeling of the warmth down her throat, the sweetness of the chocolate made her close her eyes like she had been waiting for that feeling all her life. "You know if its one thing Humans got right... it's chocolate."

"My wife loves chocolate as well. Her favorite is from Switzerland." Elijah smiled before taking another drink from his tea. "So what can I do for you?" he asked. "And definitely it will be a glad ship for you to be a part of her crew." he added.

"Oh yes. Their chocolate is the stuff of the Goddesses I can promise you that." she said with excitement. "Ehm what you can do for me?" she asked rhetorically. "You can promise me that you'll never blow a power conduit, overload any of my power systems and give me extended chocolate privileges?" she asked cheekily but with a playful tone.

"I can't promise not to blow any conduits or the systems. Things like that occur but you can get chocolate though. I will have to have you speak to my wife Jasmine in to sharing." giving a bit of a teasing wink. "I'm sure she'd be willing to share."

"Hmm well I suppose I can accept those terms." Siora said quite pleased with the outcome. "I guess you cannot promise not to fly us in to dangerous asteroid nebulas, head us into firefights with silly people and stop the ship from getting old." she fake rolled her eyes.

"No I can't but you can talk to our pilot, Lieutenant Shalakar, she's one who loves to fly, you may want to get to know her. She is very passionate in her flying." giving a bit of a smile.

"I'm sure I'll get to know everyone sir. I get on with everyone, can talk with anyone. My mother said I should have been a counsellor but I was always better with my hands than my mouth." she admitted before whispering. "Truth be told my mouth can get me into trouble." she winked at her new Captain.

That elicited a raised eyebrow. "As in you speaking your mind?" he was wondering about that comment. Elijah took another sip of his tea, "Being outspoken isn't a bad thing if you do it in a respectful manner." a twinkle in his eyes. and a smile played on his lips.

"I always speak my mind in a respectful manner sir. Doesn't always mean people like what I say, but sometimes I can speak before my mind stops me. In near 300 years I am still learning... my mother always said I needed a forcefield to keep it closed... but she was always so dramatic." she feigned innocence.

A flash of amusement could be seen. "Ah yes, mothers. They do have their own opinions on different matters, right?" he took another sip of his tea looking at Siora contemplatively. "From what I can see so far, you will be a good addition to the crew."

"I hope so sir." Siora replied. "Well, I plan on being awesome here." She grinned. "I think you'll make a good Captain of the Majestic sir. You have kind eyes."

Elijah gave a half smile, then it turned into a grin." I certainly hope I will be one. Jane, I mean Commodore Saulitis has confidence, she, proverbial speaking, handed the keys to the ship. She and I are friends and she told me that she was comforted in having me be in command after she left. It was a humbling experience."

"I can understand that. Must be like having a child and letting her go into the world with someone new. To have that be a friend and someone you trust must be both satisfying and comforting." Siora said pondering that very thought. "I do not have any children, anything like that really. No-one has ever got close enough to me for that to happen, although I am in no rush."

"I will confess it is a little bit daunting. My other ship was smaller, and I will miss her, but Star Fleet felt that it was important that I took command of the Majestic and she is very lovely. Have you met the Assistant Chief Medical officer, Lieutenant Lily Marlow? She was on my ship before she transferred here. That woman can be very persistent." giving a laugh.

"Size isn't everything sir." Siora said almost deadpan. "But no I have not meant Lieutenant Marlow... I have met Commander Sommers though, he did my medical earlier. Lots of nice men and women on this ship so far. I'll be heading down to Engineering to spy on the warp core, maybe meet Commander Murphy if he is on duty."

"Oh you will definitely be meeting him. He is a wonderful man and definitely has a love for this ship, I feel that this ship owes him a great deal and is in good hands." Elijah responded.

"Without a doubt." Siora agreed. "I often find that most male Chief Engineers have a love affair with all of their ships... boys and their toys." she added nodding to the toy cars she almost stepped on when she entered the ready room.

"Um yes so very true. and sometimes its girls and their toys as well. My daughter she likes cars as well. She's pretty interested in that sort of thing." Elijah shrugged his shoulder. "I've learned long ago, there really isn't any true clear cut interests that a male or female would like doing."

"Very true Captain. I like lending my hands to many things, getting in and dirty as much as the next person and I've been around a while now." she admitted rather hesitantly. "I am just glad to lend my skills to the ship and hopefully fit into the family here on the Majestic."

"I am sure you will, even I hope to fit in as well." Elijah replied, "This is my first time on this ship, with this crew, except for Lily and my wife. We'll get there. Well it looks like I need to let you get going to go see Murphy and I have a vehicle to return to my son. You enjoy your visit with Murphy." Elijah giving a smile.

"I will sir, thank you." Siora said rising from her chair and waiting to be dismissed.

Elijah smiled once more. "You are dismissed, and thank you for coming to speak with me."

"Thank you sir. I was nice to meet you." Siora said with a quick nod and smile. "I'll see you on the bridge when we are on duty." she added with a quick turn around and walked out of the room. As Majestic an exit as it was an entrance.


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