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Speaking with Guardian

Posted on Tue May 16th, 2023 @ 7:14am by Lieutenant JG Camelia Zamfir & Lieutenant Commander T'Par

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Cargo bay
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Camelia Zamfir had taken upon herself to check in on the metal dragon that had been put inside one of the cargo bays. And there she found him, well his name was Guardian, curled up in sort of a ball, like a cat. Steam was rising from his nostrils, and one eye opened up to see who had come inside where he was at.

"You I do not know. Who are you? Where is T'Par, I've not seen her yet." Guardian spoke, his voice rumbling just a little bit.

"T'Par?" Camelia tapped upon her combadge, and contacted the Assistant Chief of Science. She's not met the lady either.

"Lieutenant T'Par, would you come to see Guardian? I am Ensign Camelia Zamfir of Operations. It seems that he is wishing to see you."

"On my way," T'Par said over comms. A few minutes later, she walked through the door. "Guardian, Ensign."

Guardian turned his head to T'Par, "Greetings" was what he stated.

Camelia gave a nod to T'Par. "Thank you for coming down, Lieutenant T'Par. It seems that Guardian wasn't happy to have me pay a visit. Probably due to this being our first meeting. I would like to stay and converse with him if I may." looking to both T'Par and Guardian.

Guardian looked to T'Par. "Do you trust her?"

"I do," T'Par said. "She is my fellow officer and has served Starfleet and the Federation well."

Guardian gave a nod. "Very well then, she can stay." turning his gaze back to T'Par. " How may I be of service to you?"

Camelia's eyes widened at hearing the respectfulness the dragon had for T'Par.

"I was hoping to ask you more about your society," T'Par explained. "How you relate to one another. How you view yourselves as individuals and as a community. How your society came to be. What do you remember?"

Guardian regarded T'Par for a long moment then he spoke, "Are you referring to me as my coming into being or those that I had guarded, Oz and the others?" a brief amount of steam emanated from his nostrils, "I remember a young man, finding me in a box, he was happy in his discovery. My recollection was that of another man who stood near him, as the boy exclaimed that I was the biggest find that had been made. I wasn't whole when I first met the boy. I was in parts."

"Either," T'Par said. "Both. As much information as you are willing tto share. I find all of you quite fascinating." She took a step closer and tilted her head slightly. There might have even been a slight softening of her expression. Just slightly.

"Muldoon was the name of the young man, Marcus Muldoon. He was 14 at the time and his father's name was Abner Muldoon. Abner was an archeologist, I don't know if either of them exist anymore and I would very much like to know of they are alive." Guardian remarked. "They put me together, and found that I had the capacity to keep someone alive due to the stasis chamber. I ended up being the guardian of a young woman, her name T'seng. She was stuck there, and Marcus created the holo sentients to keep her entertained, when we were stuck on Adna Station. Through me, she could have a life somewhat, until well her freedom was established." A momentary silence as it seemed Guardian was thinking over memories. "There were holographic people, who Marcus had created but over the years they died, a correct meaning could be said. Adna killed them, the small handful that are here were able to stay alive. But Marcus Muldoon was the one who did his best then, he left with his family for parts unknown. Well parts unknown until the revelation of a map."

She gave a small nod. "Marcus Muldoon. T'Seng. It sounds like your earliest memories were of humans and Vulcans. You don't have any recollection of what you were before? If they were archaeologists, that suggests a long period of dormancy, another civilization, perhaps an extinct civilizaiton, that gave you your origin?"

"Marcus Muldoon said I had suffered some damage, but he said there could be a way for that to be repaired, he had told me he would need to do some more research into how to do so. He had been in the middle of it when he had to leave suddenly. It may have had to do something with Adna" Guardian lowered his head. "I do hope to meet him again, and hope he found a way for my memories to return."

Camelia was finding all this rather interesting and kept quiet watching the interaction of Guardian and T'Par.

"That would also be my hope," T'Par said. "Perhaps we might be able to contact him or to duplicate his research. Do you know if it was purely cybernetic in nature or if he was seeking more knowledge of your original creators?"

"From what I recall, he was working on finding out my original creators. It fascinated him to know end and therefore he was wanting to see about repairing my damaged memory so that he could find where I am from originally." Guardian responded.

"How was he seeking them without access to your memory?" she asked.

"He was looking for books, that may have clues where with to find them I had heard him speak to his son about some information. They needed to go find those books. They sadly had to leave me on Adna due to T'seng being under my care." Guardian spoke. "And they couldn't take me or T'seng as it would have jeopardized her health."

"But how did he know where to look for these books? What was his original source of information?" T'Par pressed. She was learning a lot, but little she could act upon. A human might have experienced frustration.

Guardian thought for a few more moments, "Jacob Myneer and his son, along with Muldoon and his son. It was a Trill who had given them the information, and the knowledge of where to look for the books of antiquity. The name of the Trill was, Keema Molaur. She had spoken to them in great length about the books they needed to get. I had heard the discussion between Muldoon and Myneer as to when they could go find that information."

"Then the question becomes how did the Trill know and how did that person know," she said. "Eventually, the trail must lead back to someone who had direct knowledge of your creators."

Camelia spoke up."This is really interesting, do you think the captain would be wanting to find out where Guardian is from?"

Guardian moved his great head in Camelia's direction. "It is up to T'Par, and her companions."

Camelia's eyebrows rose upon this information.

"What companions is he referring to?" Camelia asked, looking at T'Par.

"Which companions do you mean?" T'Par asked the Guardian.

"The companions I speak of, are those that freed me and T'seng." he breathed out. "You, Lily, Orin." he named others.

Camelia responded to the names he had spoken of. "Well hmmn Lily, T'Par and Orin are still here. The other that you named is no longer on the ship. He has left."

Guardian gave a slow nod. "Then it will be T'Par, Lily, Orin plus your leader to decide. I will wait for the decision." his head starting to lower down to the floor, his eyelids drooping downwards. "I must sleep."

"Thank you for your time, Guardian," T'Par answered.

Guardian gave a nod, "You are welcome, now I must sleep." lowering his head, and closing his eyes.

Camelia looked at T'Par, "Guess it is time for us to leave, and let him rest."

"So it is," T'Par said. "I have much to think on."


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