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Mystery of Guardian

Posted on Sun Sep 17th, 2023 @ 7:59am by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Lieutenant JG Camelia Zamfir & Lieutenant Commander T'Par

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Ready Room
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After leaving Guardian to sleep, Camelia glanced over at T'Par, walking alongside her, "What do you think the Captain may have to say about the information you've uncovered from Guardian."

"We will learn soon enough," T'Par said, already heading towards the Ready Room.

Elijah looked up from the padd's he had been perusing when Camelia and T'Par came in after he called out Enter.

"What can I do for you Lieutenant T'Par and Lieutenant Zamfir?" taking a look at his Assistant Chief of Science, then over to Camelia. He restacked his Padds to pay attention to the ladies. "Would you like something to drink?"

"I have concluded my discussion with the Guardian," T'Par informed him. "Vulcan spice tea, please."

"Ginger tea with lemon please." Camelia replied.

Elijah rose from his chair and retrieved the tea for T'Par, and also for Camelia, bringing the teas to the both of them, he sat back down. Already having had a beverage upon his desk.

"What have you found out?" Elijah asked.

"Thank you," T'Par said as she took the tea. "Unfortunately, we have little more idea of where the Guardian originated than we did before I spoke with him. He was revived by a human who left him behind to seek knowledge of his origins. The human had contact with a Trill who was believed to have this information. However, the Guardian had no knowledge of where he originated or even where the information originated, simply a list of names. Were we able to track down any of the people he mentioned, we might be able to uncover more."

"I see, hmmn" he mused. "Maybe you can contact this trill and more information can be found out via view screen. If what you say about Guardian having some memory trouble, then perhaps there is more that he can not access."

Camelia listened to the exchange. "It couldn't hurt to try to do so. Track said person"

"Her name was Keema Molaur," T'Par shared. "She might be on Trill or they might have knowledge of her whereabouts and be able to connect us."

Elljah logged in to see if he could find something about Keema Molaur. After a few long moments, having a concentrated look in his eyes they lit up. "Aha, I do believe I have found a Molaur. It isn't Keema there is a Siadra Molaur, she is stationed on the USS Artemus, she is the chief of science on that ship. Would you like me to see if I can get in touch with her?"

"I think that would be wise, sir," T'Par said, "though I could contact her myself if you would prefer." She didn't want to seem like she was pawning work off on the captain. Delegation went the other way.

Elijah looked up fromk the screen, "I do not mind if I contact her. I am very interested in this subject myself. " a few buttons tapped, then an image appeared. It was a trill woman with medium brown hair and hazel eyes, she was wearing the blue colors of science.

"Hello I am Lieutenant Siadra Molaur, how may I assist you?" she had a pleasant smile which reached her eyes. She looked at those present in the ready room.

"Hello, lieutenant. My name is Lieutenant T'Par and this is Captain Elijah Rutherford, of the USS Majestic. We are seeking a Keema Molaur," T'Par said in her normal crisp, impassive tone.

"Keema unfortunately has passed way but I can help you, I am the new host for Molaur. How may I be of service?" Siadra replied, with a friendly smile. "I am the Chief Science Officer on the USS Artemis."

Elijah took a look at T'Par and then back to the screen.

Camelia stayed in the background this was of something highly important.

"Yes, do you remember looking into the origins of an AI known as the Guardian?" she asked.

Siadra went silent for a few moments to confer with her other voices. Her eyebrows raised and she looked at T'Par. "Yes there is memories of that. Aardru remembers having written about Guardian in one of his journals. Aardru was a curator as well as an antique dealer, and a historian. He had some texts written about Golems both of clay and also of metal. Out of curiosity, have you seen Guardian as of late? Aardru had died during a robbery in his museum, back in, 2319. Aardru was hoping to find him and get to know him more, before his what he termed his untimely death."

"Yes," T'Par explained. "He is with us, aboard the Majestic. I spoke to him just a few minutes ago."

Siadra's eyes lit up at that news. "I am very happy to hear that, this means he is whole? That is marvelous. You were asking about Guardian, what has he been up to?" she asked.

"He has become, appropriately enough, a guardian to a small community of holosentients," T'Par shares. "He was in conflict with centralized programming on a space station designed to use holosentients for entertainment, programming some of them rebelled against in a way that took out their frustrations on guests. It is a somewhat complicated story."

Siadra tilted her head slightly to one side, finding that rather curious. "i would like to get a missive of what happened, as I am curious about that and would like to read what went on. But if you are willing, you as well as the Captain for that to happen. As for Guardian, anything I can remember I will send it to you. I do believe though some of the journals that Aardru had may still be at the museum which he ran. He says that he had hidden them, so it looks like it will be a bit of a treasure hunt."

T'Par looked to the captain to confirm that was all right.

Elijah gave a nod of consent. "You do have my permission, especially since you had been in the thick of that mess at Adna Station, Lieutenant T'Par."

"We'll send you a report," T'Par agreed. "To which museum are you referring?"

"The Museum is located on Earth in a place called Port Angeles. On the outskirts of the city. That is where I had my museum. It is still there, I had taken over it from the previous curator. Of course I made certain not to get stung by any insects, either way before I digress. That is where I last had the records." Siadra stated.

"We will have to investigate," T'Par said.

Camelia shot a glance at the Captain as well as T'par then back to Siadra.

Elijah gave a nod, "Most definitely we will need to go investigate as this is intriguing me immensely. I do like a good mystery. "

"Then it is settled." Siadra responded with a smile "I will be looking forward to seeing the reports you will be sending to me and also hearing the status of how things are at the museum."

"Of course," T'Par said. "Thank you for speaking to us."

"you are very welcome." Siadra responded. "If there isn't anything else, I will bid you all adieu." the screen went dark.

Elijah looked at those there. "Where do you wish to take this from here, Lieutanant T'Par? Would you like to pursue more information as per Guardian once we take our holo guests home?"

"Yes, sir," T'Par said immediately. One might almost say eagerly. Almost.

"Okay then you are dismissed. I am looking forward to what you can come up with as a plan wise. You have my permission to pursue information through different avenues you may need." the Captain responded.

"Thank you, sir," T'Par said, taking her leave.


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