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Coordinating Flight/Departure

Posted on Mon Oct 2nd, 2023 @ 10:54pm by Lieutenant JG S'anra Shalakar & Captain Elijah Rutherford & Ensign Huojin Yáng

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Ready Room/Bridge
Timeline: 1800
2359 words - 4.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Elijah stood gazing out towards to where he can see the station, it was time to go. He didn't want to wait any longer it was time to go. He tapped on his commbadge and contacted S'anra. "Lieutenant Shalakar, would you come to my ready room. Sorry it might be a little late but I need to discuss something with you." the captain folded his arms and was tapping on his upper left arm. Some action was needing to be made.

S'anra responded on her combadge. Not at all Captain, I'll be right there.

A few minutes later she arrived on the bridge with a actual book in her hand and wearing an Orion dress since she was off duty. She chimed the door and walked in. " Yes Captain, You wanted to see me? " She asked being rather curious about the matter at hand, since the Captain had never contacted her before when she was off duty.

He turned around from looking out the window. "S'anra, how would you like to leave this station now and head out into space. I grow tired of looking at that station, it seems like we've been here forever. I want to be out there and be exploring."

S'anra blinked and then a slow smile spread across her face. " As long as we have departure clearance sir, I can have the engines warmed up and ready to depart in about five minutes Captain. I guess this will shake up the crew and startle everyone in engineering, And I agree that there is nothing to be discovered by sitting here in space dock Sir. If you'll excuse I've got some mooring lines and fuel lines to detach prior to departure, I'll be at my station awaiting your orders Captain. " She said with a grin.

"Well we do have clearance and are set to go. I had thought we would do so, in the so called morning but... Why wait, lets get moving and get out of here." Elijah exclaimed, motioning towards the ready room door, and followed S'anra out towards the bridge. "Even if it isn't us stealing the USS Majestic, I still feel that we are..." Elijah said giving out a laugh. "Probably due to my not calling for a meeting and informing the crew we were leaving but from what I have gotten reports on, everyone is on the ship all ready to leave. Lets get to it, Lieutenant." flashing a smile, as he headed to the command seat.

S'anra's hands danced across the console panel as she checked all the reports. " Confirming all crew and supplies are aboard and that all station personal have departed the ship Sir. The last station personal departed the ship ten minutes ago. Mooring lines have been retracted and additional fuel lines have been disconnected. We are free to depart docking berth on thrusters and then proceed to outer docking doors at one tenth impulse Captain, on your command. " Said S'anra with a huge grin.

"Well S'anra." Elijah taking advantage of it just him and her on the bridge he dispensed with the formalities. "Lets roll out, and get out of dodge." he said cracking a smile, "Proceed, S'anra proceed ." setting back in the seat with an impish look in his eyes.

The ship slid gracefully from it's berthing and maneuvered into the lane for the space doors. " Thirty seconds to space doors captain. " The warning lights on the outer doors flashed as they slowly opened to the vastness that lie before them. The ship glided past the doors and into the open, they could now lay course to where ever the captain wanted.

S'anra knew the Captain to be happily married, but with just the two of them on the bridge and the lights low it seemed to be a rather romantic setting. If it were anyone else she would have suspected ulterior motives, but she couldn't help but wanting to tease him a little. she turned her chair to look him in the face. " You know Captain, I was surprised when you called me to the bridge. Now here we are, just the two of us and low lights. It almost feels romantic. " She giggled. " I almost expected to see a iced bucket of champagne, If you wanted a romantic starlight cruise you could have just said so. " She laughed lightly and turned her seat back. " I know that wasn't your intention Elijah, but I couldn't help but teasing a little. Computer, bring lights up to normal operational levels. " The lights came up to normal levels. " Just in case anyone walked in here. " She stated. " We wouldn't want any rumors going around the ship , nor would I care to incur the wrath of your wife. With that said Sir, what course and speed would you like? "

Elijah blushed and cleared his throat. "S'anra quit your teasing." shaking his head. "Good heaven lieutenant. I am going to ask you what sort of speed would take us to DS9 from where we are at, and how many days do you think?" Even though Elijah was the captain, he was going to have S'anra come up with the plan. After all she is the chief helm officer.

S'anra input the coordinates to the helm nav computer. " At warp factor seven we can be there in four days, twelve hours and thirty seven minutes. At warp factor eight we will arrive in two days eleven hours. You seem to want us to get there sooner then later, So I'll lay in course and speed for warp factor eight. Course and speed is laid in Captain. " She turned to face Elijah. " Might I ask a favor Elijah? No teasing involved. I was going to spend this evening doing some sewing and listening to some of my favorite music. May I listen to it while we travel? It is a lovely piece that you may be familiar with. Beethoven's moonlight sonata in C sharp minor, At least until more people start arriving on the bridge to take their stations. " She asked.

Elijah considered her request then gave a nod of approval. "Yes please would make for a good start to this end of a long journey with our unexpected guests." And instead of saying engage, Captain Elijah Rutherford gave the command. "Allons-y, (Lets Go), Lieutenant Shalakar." giving a light laugh and a a smile as this meant they were heading to new horizons.

" As you wish Captain. " She stated with a warm smile. " We are clear from the outer markers of the starbase and engaging warp engines in three, two, one. " The majestic surged forward with a powerful thrust as it jumped into warp and the stars blurred and enlongated. " Warp six point five, Warp seven, warp seven point five and we are now cruising at warp factor eight and all panels show normal operation on all boards Captain. " She looked down briefly and frowned. " Captain may I ask you to hold on for several minutes? I believe I should change into my duty uniform quickly and return before anyone else arrives. "

Elijah raised an eyebrow, then gave a nod. "Go ahead I'll man the conn while you get changed." Getting up from the command chair and waited for S'anra to leave the post and he then sat down, having a bit of a smile at being at the helm of the ship. At last he is going to have a turn. He was filled with boyish glee at this turn out. "Hello Majestic so nice to meet you."

S'anra quickly returned to her quarters, took a quick sonic shower and changed into her duty uniform. She was back on the bridge within fifteen minutes. S'anra arrived back on the bridge and noticed the look in Elijah's eye and the boyish smile on his face. " I know you were a helmsman in the past sir, Looks like it's been awhile. Would you care to indulge yourself? " She ask him with a broad grin on her face. " Then by all means Elijah, indulge away to your hearts content. I can't always be the one to have all the fun. And while your doing that, I'll just sit myself right over here and see how comfy this chair really is. "

Elijah gave out a laugh and then a nod. "Sounds good, 'Captain' Shalakar" giving her a salute and then checked the settings that S'anra had put in and gave a nod paying attention towards the stars that were streaming by. "What do you think about sitting in the seat of command, eh Captain?

S'anra laughed. " Well it's more comfortable than I thought it would be. " She let out a soft sigh and shook her head. " I don't know why, but for some reason I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. Does that any sense? " She asked. " Maybe it's just the thought of the responsibility and the weight of command that's making me nervous. " She paused a moment. " I guess that's normal for an up and coming officer. " She tilted her head to the side as she looked at the back of his head. " Do you ever get used to it? The responsibility and command aspect I mean. "

"Use to being in command? It is something I can't allow myself to be complacent in. All I can do is go from one day to the next, some days may seem boring and routine other days have their challenges. Plus I now have my family onboard and so there will always be a little bit of extra possible worries. I love my job and I love being a captain yes. Its something I've wanted to be. And S'anra, do you want to be a captain?"

" Do I want to be a Captain? " S'anra repeated back with a faraway look in her eyes. " What Starfleet cadet in the Officer Training Program doesn't dream of their own command one day? " She asked. " I'm getting a taste of that right now as a department head, but that is still a long way from my own command. "

S'anra looked up and met Elijah's eyes with her own. " You were once a Chief flight officer yourself and have an excellent reputation as a flight officer and a captain within the fleet and I admire that, it gives me hope for the future. " She collected her thoughts together and spoke again. " As a junior officer I sometimes have my doubts and fears about the future because it seems so daunting at times, but I can't let it deter me from working towards my goal. So yes, I do want to be a captain one day and have my own ship. " She stated with confidence.

Elijah smiled towards S'anra. "I feel you will be good at being a captain. I truly do. Do you want to switch back before we arrive at DS9? And before the night crew reports in?"

S'anra grinned and swung her feet down and pulled her boots back on. " Thank you for the words of encouragement, Sometimes it's what a girl needs to hear to bolster her strength and continue onward in my career. " She thought for a few moments before snapping her attention back to the present. " Well I guess I should relieve you at the helm then, and as soon as thje night crew shows up I'll be off to bed since I'm on the next shift. " She touched his shoulder before he stood. " Captain I really want to thank you for your advice and wisdom that you've passed on, In you I have found a mentor and a friend and for that I am grateful. " She sat back down at the helm station And had an amused smile on her face. " I wonder what the night crew will think and wonder why there are only two people on the bridge while the ship is underway. I know I was getting just as bored as you were just sitting around and looking at the same four walls on a station. "

Elijah laughed, "Yes it was just time for us to leave that one station. However we are now on to better things. "Just as Elijah sat back down upon the command chair, the turbo lift door opened and several crew members who were on the night shift stepped through and paused in shock. "Er Captain? What's going on? Where are we at?"

"Well now that you are here, you may have the bridge, Lieutenant Baxter. Also, we're already underway to DS9. I will be seeing you all in the morning." Elijah having a cheeky grin. He looked at S'anra. "Thank you for your help, Lieutenant Shalakar." Elijah rising from the command chair.

S'anra inclined her head slightly to Elijah. " You are most welcome Captain, I agree with you that we were all getting bored out of our minds sitting around on that station. Why do that when we can be out here exploring? I certainly didn't join Starfleet to sit around a starbase. " She stood up as she saw her replacement. " Ah... Ensign Yang, it's good to see you. Course and speed are laid in to DS9. " She looked Yang in the eye and smiled. " Steady as she goes and smooth sailing Ensign. "

All the Ensign could do was give a nod, gulping slightly. He remembered the kiss she had given him when they first met. His voice squeaked out for a moment, "Thank you, Lieutenant Shalakar. "he cleared his throat, the edges of his ears turning pink. When S'anra vacated the helm, Yang sat down. "Have a good rest."

She entered the Turbo-lift and smiled and nodded at him as the doors closed and was lost to sight. She had a lot to think about concerning her future in Starfleet and what she planned on doing to advance her career. She had a good crew to work with and the best mentor that she could hope for to aid and guide her where she felt that with all the support that she had, that she could achieve her goals. With those thoughts she lay down and drifted off to sleep.


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