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Meeting the Boss

Posted on Thu Mar 14th, 2024 @ 8:42am by Lieutenant Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant JG Vanya Karolyi

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Chief Intelligence Officer's Office - Deck 14 - USS Majestic
1980 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure


Vanya checked her PADD to make sure her quarters had been assigned, then looked for the Chief Intelligence Officers office. She should probably report to him first. Then she could find her quarters.

"Deck fourteen," she said, smiling to herself as she slipped her PADD back into her bag. The bowels of the ship seemed appropriate.

When she got off the turbolift, she took a good look around to see what sort of setup they had on the Majestic.

Hadir had been in his office going over the data from the last procedure with Lily. However, his thoughts dwelt more on Siora then anything else. He laughed to himself as he thought that most of his job was sitting around doing nothing. Intelligence was so much more when you were stationed on a station.

She pressed the door chime. She'd read up on her new boss, but words were never enough. First impressions often told her more about a person than words in a file--and she'd read plenty of words in her career. Words WERE her career. She took a moment to make sure her miniskirt was straight and took out her PADD, then she waited to be admitted.

The chime caused Hadir to look up. Ever the suspicious fellow he ran through some information in his head, which included his appointments. Hadir had an eidetic memory and he knew that there was nothing scheduled for this time. As he prepared to fight because one ever knew what was on the other side of the door, his face showed none of the trepidation that lay underneath. "You may come in." He called to the closed door.

She waited a full beat, then walked in. She scanned the office before focusing on the man seated at the desk. She took in his eyes, his facial expression and his body language before stopping a foot away from his desk and gave him a slow smile. "Hello," she said in a soft Russian accent. "My name is Karolyi, Vanya Karolyi. I'm your new data archivist." She hadn't changed into her uniform yet as she was still off duty. It made her smile just a bit impish.

Hadir allowed himself to release the weapon that he kept concealed under his desk and smiled in that way that Cardassians did. The smile where you never knew if it was genuine or if it concealed the idea that would lead to your death. "Ah, yes of course. I am Lieutenant Hadir Prenar the Chief Intelligence Officer around these parts. Please have a seat and do let me know if I can get you anything."

There was something in his smile that let her know he was not someone to take lightly. It could definitely be an asset for someone in intelligence. She also wondered how many people tried to see how far they could push him--and how many survived. "Nothing, thank you," she said as she sat in the chair near her and smiled cheerfully.

"Very well..." Hadir began as he sat down at his desk and sipped a glass of kanar. One of the few affectations that he still had from his time at home. "So, Intelligence we all have our expertise. Mine shall we say is a little less savory than most. So, what is yours? Also, do tell me about what your passions are. I can't imagine this work being your passion."

She leaned forward and gave him a coquettish smile. "We Russians have many passions. It is our nature." Then she laughed huskily and sat back. "Besides the obvious, I love music. Preferably old, classical, and full of emotion. Music is part of every culture and goes back to the beginning of time. That is what you want to hear, yes? But my passion is also computers and information. That is also my specialty. I am a data analyst and archivist. I gather, analyze, and archive information. I keep it safe and retrieve it when needed."

Hadir's eyes widened slightly at her mention of music. "I too love music, for me it is Earth jazz. I even play trombone, It helps me clear my head when needed. I agree with you. In fact, most people believe mathematics to be the universal language. Not me, I believe that it is music. I am sure that in the future we are going to have use for your data skills."

"Mathematics is the language of computers. It is the language of science," she said. "But music is the language of life and of the soul." She closed her eyes for a moment, hearing the music in her head. "Horns are nice. I like the saxophone. However, strings are the instruments of the gods." She did not comment on being useful. Archivists were essential, and he would come to see that.

"Well... Do you play an instrument?" Hadir asked with the thought of actually having someone to play some music with dancing in his head. This new crew member could be most fortuitous indeed.

"Violin, viola, and cello," she replied. "I like using my hands to make music."

Hadir actually laughed. This was quite the enjoyable news for him. "We simply must play something sometime. It is quite rare that I have someone play musical compositions with."

"Really? I guess I've been more fortunate in that. But yes, I would enjoy playing music with you. I don't suppose you play Tetris?"

"Not really sure what that is. But, if it is a piece of music we Cardassians are quick studies." Hadir smiled and sipped his drink. "Alright I guess we should talk a little business. I like to run a tight department there are only two things I expect from those that work with me. The first is that our business is secrets, but there are no secrets from each other. To that end your data analyses are to be brought to me prior to the Captain. There is a fair amount of work that even the Captain is not privy to. The second is if you ever have a conflict of interest on a case you are working, I am the first and only person to know about it." The smile had left his face rather hastily. It was the change in demeanor that only Cardassians were exceptional at. He did this to make sure that the woman understood he meant every word that he had said.

Vanya nodded once. "I am well aware that intel has a responsibility to gather and archive data and that data is disseminated as necessary. And not even the captain has a right to see all of it." She leaned forward again. "I'm used to keeping secrets and I'm used to keeping some of them hidden. I have no problem with your rules." She sat back again and smiled. "I do have one question. Do you have a problem with weapons on duty, because I always prefer to be armed."

"I do not see a problem with it. I also have never seen a reason to be armed while on duty. Nothing should happen while on the ship that would require the use of a weapon, and if something does then you will be issued one. All of that said the only person who may have issue with it is the Chief of Security. So, I would check in with Lieutenant S'vor. If he says that it is ok, then it is fine by me." The smile returned to his face, now that Hadir was satisfied that she understood and would abide by his requests.

"I'll ask the chief of security," she assured him. "But I wanted your approval first. It's just a knife, and it has many uses that aren't necessarily violent. Besides, I feel naked without it."

"We all feel a little naked sometimes. If fact I believe that we spend most of our lives trying to cover up our nakedness. That m'dear would be our job... We make sure that everyone stays naked," Hadir rather liked the analogy that he had just made. Everyone was indeed naked to an Intelligence Officer.

"Except ourselves," Vanya countered. "Unless we choose otherwise." She looked him over slowly. "I do not know many Cardassians who like their nakedness exposed."

"We don't... That is usually reserved for private." Hadir had a thought that this conversation could be talking about two different subjects entirely. He thought it best to see if he is correct.

"True. There's naked, and then there's naked. One is definitely more pleasurable than the other."

"I would tend to agree. But then I am reminded of that old human axiom that says one should not mix business with pleasure." Hadir countered and took a nice belt of his kanar.

That made Vanya laugh in delight. He was definitely adept with a rejoinder. "Ah, but I am not human, and neither are you. Still, I am not so foolish as to take pleasure in a man simply because he has a glib tongue, rare as that may be."

She cocked her head to one side and considered him. "Besides, I believe your interests lie elsewhere." She was a flirt, yes, but she was very careful about any sort of relationship or liaison where there was not mutual affection and respect, and never with someone she just met.

It was Hadir's turn to laugh. "I am not sure if you know or not but a glib tongue is what a Cardassian male seeks in a mate. You see for us the physical is pleasurable indeed. However, it is the verbal dance of conversation that really gets the blood boiling. A woman who can hold her own in conversation and give as much as she gets is the mate that any true Cardassian male needs. Good conversation is like foreplay to us." Hadir poured another round of kanar.

"That I did not know." But then, her past encounters with Cardassians had been to get information, not to bandy words. She was quite enjoying the conversation so far. "However, I do agree that a good verbal thrust can be quite exhilarating. Especially when it comes from a clever tongue."

"Tis a rare thing to find someone who enjoys that who is not Cardassian. But not impossible. I always found it quite ironic during the Occupation. Cardassian officers would take up with Bajoran women, and then berate them. You see like I said we Cardassians like an intelligent conversationalist in a woman. So, by taking a Bajoran as a mate you are admitting that she is your equal." Hadir paused to take a swig of his kanar. "Alas, I never said my people were not hypocrites."

Vanya nodded in both agreement and understanding. "Most cultures have hypocrites, and war brings out the best and worst in people. The important thing is not to forget the lessons learned and not let them make you bitter." She flashed him another smile. "In that, too, you see the best and worst."

"Hmmm indeed. Well said." Hadir raised his glass to toast her comment. "Now, I do not want to hold you up from settling into your new posting. However, I would love to chat more. So, perhaps later."

Vanya finished her drink and stood. She liked his wit and she wanted to chat with him again. But she couldn't just walk out the door. She gave him a slow once-over and grinned impishly. "Definitely later. I look forward to more of your verbal foreplay." Then she turned and walked saucily out the door.

Hadir sat and rested his hand on his chin as he sighed heavily. At the moment he did not know much about this newcomer, but he knew that she was probably trouble.

Lieutenant JG Vanya Karolyi
Archivist and Data Analyst
USS Majestic

Lieutenant Hadir Prenar
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Majestic


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