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Posted on Wed Mar 13th, 2024 @ 9:01pm by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Lieutenant Jasmine (Pratchett) Rutherford & Lieutenant Commander T'Par

Mission: A Day In The Life
Location: Mess
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T'Par entered and looked around for Jasmine, who she expected to meet here. T'Par had always been somewhat aloof among the crew. Most time not spent on her duties was spent in study and meditation. However, she did wish to sociaize a little more. She had never quite developed a knack for how such things were done among more emotional species or, to be precise, cultures more given to the expression of emotion. She walked to the replicator, ordered a relen tea for herself, and then went to join the other woman. "Good afternoon, Counselor. I hope it finds you well."

"It does indeed, thank you for the invite to tea. I seem to get a little bit focused on my kids, counseling and well making certain the captain gets his food." her eyes crinkling up with laughter. "This is definitely a good chance for me to socialize away from work and family life." she took a drink of her own tea, which was a lemon, ginger drink.

T'Par sipped her tea. "I am glad you find it beneficial," T'Par said. "I could definitely stand for socialize more regularly. My family life seems rather distant at times."

"Out of curiosity, where is your husband located at?" Jasmine deciding to be direct. "I had read you were married but anything else I didn't pry into."

"On Tellar Prime," T'Par answered her. "He's a professor at the University of Telemachus. He's part of the philosophy faculty. He specialized in Surak, T'Plana-Hath, and Kiri-kin-tha, but he has developed a deep understanding of many Tellarite and even Earth thinkers over the course of his academic career."

"That is quite interesting." and Jasmine meant what she said. "When will you be wanting to see him next? " taking a sip of her tea. "I would like to actually go to Tellar myself, someday."

"I always take my leave there," T'Par said. "It is 'home,' in a manner of speaking, though we were both born on Vulcan."

Jasmine gave a bit of a nod in understanding. "Where the Majestic is concerned, where my husband is, it is home. After the near loss of him on the other ship I had determined that I needed to be with him, this way the twins do not miss out being with their father." another sip of her tea then Jasmine asked. "Do you have children of your own?"

"That is logical," T'Par agreed, sipping her tea. "You would want your family to remain a cohesive unit, if possible. However, every decision has costs and benefits. Have you found it difficult to raise children on a Starship?" She set the tea down. "Sodak and I intend to take some time away from our careers to raise our children on Vulcan, when we have them. However, there is no hurry."

"For me it has been more easier being here on the ship with Elijah and the children instead of being on Earth and not seeing Elijah for a couple of months or so. The children are at their developing years and I don't want Elijah to miss anymore parts of their lives. Happily he was around when I gave birth to them. He missed out on some firsts but he was there for the most important time. Holding them after they were born." Jasmine giving a bit of a smile at that memory. She directed her gaze back to T'Par. "Your goal is a worthy one, raising a family upon Vulcan to have them in the culture."

"I am gratified that you think so," T'Par said. "I can see the appeal of having the entire family together aboard a starship, however, I imagine there are also costs?" As there were with nearly everything in life.

"There are some costs, the kids not being able to go explore their grandparents place, but they will get that chance when we do some shore leave time back on Earth. I also have taken them on some holoprograms for them to explore and do learning. It may not be the same as being outdoors however it still gives them the opportinuties to develop. They at the very least also get to engage in socialization with other children as well. Which is a good thing as well." Jasmine replied.

T'Par considered a moment. "On a Starship, they may also experience more fully the diversity of the Federation. "I believe that is a valuable experience for children. They will see more of the universe."

"This is also true, will make for them to develop into hopefully dynamic individuals. I am looking forward to this. As long as the children are happy, as safe as they can be. And have good development. Both of them are inquisitive children and want to see all that they can see." giving a fond smile at thinking of her children.

"As safe as can be," T'Par repeated thoughtfully, sipping her tea a moment. "Living on a starship, even as a civilian, does come with risks rarely encountered on any of the Federation's core worlds."

"I compare it somewhat to the unknowns the pioneers went through to go to a new place with untold dangers but also the ability to have new experiences in life." Jasmine replied as she gave a smile. "The most important thing is that we are together, and we do not miss out on what lies ahead of us as a family."

"I see the logic," T'Par acknowledged.

"How often do you communicate with your husband? I know I made certain to speak to him either at the end of his day or send him messages for him to see later. I still do so, it had become a habit early on in our marriage." Jasmine remarked.

"Vulcans are not generally demonstrative, even in marriage," T'Par said. "We contact one another when there is something we wish to convey, but he is always present. I am always aware of the bond."

"That is lovely, and there is true upfront honesty as well." a momentary thought then Jasmine asked. "T'Par, what was your first time of being in Star Fleet like?" it was something Jasmine was curous about.

"It was scientifically rewarding," T'Par said. "My mother is in Starfleet. I did not live with her aboard ship but her colleagues sometimes visited our home on Vulcan. I was somewhat accustomed to the ways of more emotional species."

Just as Jasmine was getting ready to say something, she was interrupted by a beep of T'Par's commbadge.

=/\=Lieutenant T'Par what is your location? This is Captain Rutherford=/\=

Jasmine raised an eyebrow at this. "I wonder what he is wanting." her curiosity was piqued.

"T'Par here," she said as she tapped the badge.

There was a moment of silence then Elijah answered. =/\=Would you meet me in the Ready Room please.=/\=

Jasmine raised an eyebrow towards T'Par, then said quietly "Looks like there is something important he needs to discuss with you."

"Yes, sir," T'Par answered, rising. "Thank you for joining me, Jasmine. We should do it again."

"I agree, and perhaps include some of the other ladies who are on the ship. It was a pleasure in having some tea with you." Jasmine giving a smile, "Enjoy your evening, and your talk with the captain."

"Thank you," T'Par said.


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