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The Beacon (Part Two)

Posted on Tue Mar 12th, 2024 @ 7:58pm by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant JG Camelia Zamfir & Lieutenant JG T'seng & Lieutenant Siora Carberos

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Computer/Holosuite lab
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When all was readied, Lily took a look at the set up. Everything looked like it was ready to go forward. "Okay we're ready. I guess its time to start." Lily felt like they should have popcorn as they were watching as things unfolded.

At first there was a slight fog then things cleared up to where T'seng was standing in a field, upon a path that led towards a forest which stood at the foot of a mountain. The mountain itself was tall, with wisps of clouds seated at its craggy tips.

"Well now I wasn't expecting this." T'seng remarked quietly. She looked down at what she was wearing, her clothing consisted of a tan tunic, with a dark brown leather vest. She wore a short sword at her hip, knee high black leather boots, which went over her dark brown trousers. Her hair was caught back in a series of braids and upon her back a long bow as well as a quiver of arrows was there. About her waist was a wide leather belt with two large pouches, and a long dagger at her right hip.

Lily was astounded. "She looks like an elven ranger!" she exclaimed.

"An interesting construct." Siora looked at it a bit closer. "Is this from you T'seng, or do you think Aurora is in some sort of fantasy land of old Earth myth?" she asked. It was interesting how close their Elven myths came to El Aurian sounding places and names. It was almost as if it was placed their by her species at a much earlier stage, or maybe those that created it were from El Auria and simply missed home and decided to create it on Earth if even only in literature.

"I believe it is both. I've dressed like this before, for a bit of a life that was created for me when I was in my stasis. He had connected with me, stating that he was worried about my mind becoming atrophied, due to not being able to live some sort of life. Therefore, we played games like DnD, sword and sorcery style games. Aurora, this development is something new and different." T'seng responded.

"Is it safe?" Siora asked with some concern for her shipmate. "I don't know what this DnD is, but the idea of swords and magic in a world created by a hologram with an unstable matrix gives me pause."

"Actually the DnD world was created by the creator of the holo sentients. Aurora, Oz, Glowbug, Gwendolyn.. Well about Gwendolyn, she was an emergency hologram doctor but her program had been shoved to one side by Adna and was just sitting there gathering dust. " T'seng responded. "then there is Indigo. He's a chef. Anyway, before I bog down this endeavor, Marcus Muldoon was the creator of the world, I and the others had been in. Aurora ended up being the one he utilized to give us hints and guidance to get to where we needed to go when we were stumped." T'seng paused as she thought over things, "we are sort of stumped in the location of the new home where others like them, are happy and alive. I wonder, just maybe..." T'seng reaching out to touch Aurora.

Lily gasped out. "Are you sure you want to do that?"

"I had the nickname of Splice when you first met me. I think, I need to do this." she looked over towards both Lily and Siora.

Camelia had a thoughtful expression in her eyes as she looked up from where she had been keeping watch on the readings. "Who knows, maybe she needs to give Aurora a um.. jumpstart and this will stop her from being stuck."

Siora shrugged. "I know sometimes when organics are in a catatonic state that something as simple as a touch can pull them back. A knowing hand, or a familiar voice... well, I think. I'm not a doctor but I've been around long enough to see some crazy stuff happen." she looked back at T'Seng. "If you feel you need to..." she gestured. "You are the expert here."

Llily had a thoughtful expression as she contemplated what Siora had said. "You are correct Siora, and that touch from T'seng may well end up being what Aurora is needing." she turned to Siora, "Just be ready to pull the connection, just in case there is a need."

T'Seng reached out towards Aurora then paused, "I actually need one more component. Could you bring Glowbug to where we are at? I am going to need that little firefly to help out here."

Siora looked over at Lily. "I don't know who Glowbug is..." she shrugged at her. "I'll let you call this holographic creature to T'Seng?" she half-heartedly asked, not sure if she knew how either or if in fact Glowbug was holographic.

Lily sent in the code and a firefly appeared hovering around looking all around the area then flew over to where T'seng was at, it chiming rather excitedly making a round of examination bobbed up and down in front of her then turned its whole body around and moved around Aurora. Glowbug then hovered in the air in front of T'seng chiming away.

"Good Heavens, Glowbug, you're all full of questions. I know you recognize Lily, but the other two? That is Camelia and the other is Siora" T'seng replied.

"Hmnnn.." was all that Camelia said and put in the universal translator.

A rather melodic male voice drifted out from Glowbug. "Is the other, Siora, is she El-Aurian?" there was a pause. "Wait what is going on? Can you understand me?"

"To answer both your questions with one answer. Yes, I'm El Aurian." Siora replied feeling her skin itch. Had this glowbug scanned her from inside that environment. How could it know what she is? "How do you know that?" She asked.

"You and Camelia came into help fix things in the Holosuite and brought Aurora to here, that is how I know your name and I have.... met an El Aurian, he is the Librarian on the ship. You have the same energy emanations like him." Glowbug responded. "My programming is for analysis before I became what I am" the firefly explained.

Siora felt a little less violated now. She nodded at what the glowbug said, "Fair enough. Every species, every person has their own vibrations, even you do. As El Aurian's we see these vibrations, patterns of the universe. Gift, or curse, is anyone's best guess." Siora shrugged. "But let's focus on Aurora now, she needs us."

"Yes she does at that. It is certainly perrplexing as to what caused the change." Glowbug responded. Glowbug then turned towards T'Seng. "We now need to work together like once before and find the knotty problem."

T'Seng gave a nod, "Alright." she simply said, as she moved forward reaching out towards Aurora, Glowbug moving as well, a glow began to emanate from Aurora, though the readings seem to be off still.

"Her timing, her rhythm is off..." both T'Seng and Glowbug said almost in unison, T'Seng looked over towards Siora, "We are going to need your help, Siora, please?"

"I'll try and confine her matrix." Siora replied. "Maybe if I remove her link to the surroundings it'll 'speed' her up. Sometimes too much data can slow down the more complex and sophisticated programs." she began to tinker with the holoprogram, Aurora and the hololabs systems.

T'seng and Camelia seemed to be holding their breath as Siora worked her magic, as each step she took, to help out Aurora, the glow that emanated from her began to change colors, red and yellow and pink and green. Purple and orange and then blue. Pure colors of a rainbow which is shown in the sky. The light once it hit blue slowly faded away. Aurora started to stir, her outline, her body coming into focus. Long flaxen hair which reached to her waist, vibrant full of body with a slight amount of curl. She floated downward to where her feet touched the ground, her eyes a brilliant sapphire blue. Her outfit was like that of a gypsy. Flowing skirt, which was colored dark blue, a dark red peasant blouse with a wide black belt around her waist. Her feet were bare.

Camelia exclaimed, "She looks like she could be of your race, Siora"

Aurora glanced over towards Siora, tilting her head slightly with curiousity.

Siora thought she would try something. El Aurian, the language, wasn't spoken by many other than her own species and therefore the universal translators of Starfleet didn't know them. "Celani’mel (Greetings) Aurora." Siora tried. If the woman was of her species then she would answer, if not they'd move on.

"Ni doth han- le (I doth understand thee) Siora" Aurora answered in return. Her tone rather respectful and reverent.

Lily and Camelia had questioning expressions on their faces. Finally Lily asked, "What did you both just say?"

Aurora glanced over towards Lily, then back to Siora. She was leaving it for Siora to answer or not.

"I offered her greetings in an older dialect of El Aurian to see if she understood." Siora answered looking back at Lily. "She replied with that she understood me." there was a pause. "Truth be told we El Aurians look like most other humanoid species with subtle differences. It's why we can pass for Human so easily, but not many would know our old tongue. Even now there is a Kaitosian dialect picking up speed from our new world." she shook her head internalising the losing of older ways, she didn't like slang much.

Lily was amazed with this piece of news, "So her programming may be from someone of your people."

Aurora regarded Lily then back to Siora, "It seems to be possible."

Glowbug interrupted. "Since she is now awakened perhaps we need to go back with the others. They maybe a little bit worried, wondering if Aurora is still among the living." giving a melodic laugh. "My apologies for interrupting this conversation." the light going a little bit pink as if the firefly was blushing.

" The possibility is there but it is also a possibility she might just be from that time and area. We did cover a large portion of the quadrant before the Borg. Her knowing ancient El Aurian doesn't mean she is from my world, but maybe my world adjacent." Siora always kept an open mind about such things. "But yes, let's see about integrating Aurora back. I'm sure the others will be happy to see her."

A nod from those there, with Glowbug getting excited. "I still can't believe I am able to communicate this way." flitting around quite quickly. "I am in love with my own voice." he sang out.

Lily giggled along with Camelia. "It is interesting to hear how excited someone can be when they can hear themselves speak."

"Almost like a deaf person hearing someone else speak for the first time." Siora smiled lightly. "Nice to see the joy on someone's face at a new experience."

The other three ladies gave a nod in agreement, and with Camelia sent both Aurora and Glowbug off to be with the rest of the holosentients. To her it waws a job well done.


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