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A new day and new arrivals

Posted on Sat Mar 30th, 2024 @ 10:57pm by Ensign Wyome Thorson & Ensign Koziki Thass & Lieutenant S'vor & Lieutenant JG Tara Marsh

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Briefing room
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There was a bit of talk going amongst the security personnel as to a new chief of security having been transfered in. For the most part, Ensign Wyome had been stepping in as de facto chief of security and keeping the rotation going and monitoring the holosentients which were living in one of the holodecks. There had to be authorizations in order to check on the sentients and for those to check on the status. She also had been the one to file the reports as well to the Captain. Ensign Thass stood at one side, his very expression keeping the others in line and disciplined if needed.

Wyome was ready to pass the torch to the new Security Chief, wondering what he will be like when it comes to his command of security. There was a beep on Wyome's padd when she got word. "Well now it also looks like we've got an assistant chief of security coming in as well as a new Chief of security."

There was some murmurs as those gathered were looking expectantly towards the door.

A petite, Caucasian woman strutted confidently in through the door. She had short dark brown hair that barely seemed to have had a brush run through it. She was lean but well defined. On her face was a smile that could only be described as infectious. Her pearly whites showed as she beamed a grin at those enclosed. In a mezzo-soprano voice, she greeted everyone, "Lieutenant Tara Marsh reporting for duty. I am the new Assistant Chief of Security." She scanned the room. "Did I come to the right place. I do not see the Chief of Security. I was informed he was a Vulcan."

"He is Ma'am, we're just waiting for him to join the briefing. Welcome to the USS Majestic." Wyome stated.

Ensign Koziki Thass gave a look at Tara, as if to gauge her. His gaze was guarded and non-committal. He went and took a seat to broodily observe.

The door to the briefing room slid open with a soft hiss, and Lieutenant S'vor entered with the characteristic measured steps of a Vulcan. His posture was rigidly upright, and his expression conveyed a stoic demeanor. As he walked further into the room, his keen hazel eyes surveyed the occupants, taking note of their positions and gauging the atmosphere.

"Good day. I am Lieutenant S'vor, your new Chief of Security," he announced in a calm and composed tone. His gaze briefly flickered towards Lieutenant Tara Marsh, the newly arrived Assistant Chief of Security, acknowledging her presence. He had heard some of the conversation prior to speaking up, but didn't want to cut.

His Vulcan stoicism remained unwavering as he acknowledged Lieutenant Marsh's introduction with a nod of respect. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant Marsh. You have indeed come to the right place. I appreciate your punctuality."

S'vor's attention shifted to Ensign Thass, noting his guarded demeanor with a subtle arch of his eyebrow. He made a mental note to observe the ensign's behavior further, recognizing the importance of understanding the dynamics within the security team.

"Welcome, Sirs." Wyome answered with others chiming in. Wyome glanced over towards Thass, raising an eyebrow. There certainly seemed to be something that has made him a bit surly. Well, honestly, she did just get off of Gamma Shift. She turned her gaze back to the new chiefs of security. There was definitely a difference in sizes between the two chiefs, however she knew better than to judge a book by its cover.

Tara gave a passing squint at Ensign Thass, wondering why he was brooding. She also was extremely curious why a Vulcan was in security. They were a peaceful and logical race, so it was much more typical to see them in science if they even decided to go onto a Starfleet vessel. She informed the Vulcan, "Lieutenant S'Vor, it is a pleasure to meet you. I was taught that if you are on time that you are late. You are only on time if you are early."

"Thank you, Lieutenant Marsh," S'vor replied with a nod, acknowledging her greeting. "Your punctuality is duly noted, and I appreciate your adherence to timeliness."

Tara then turned to Ensign Thorson and said, "Thank you for the welcome. How are you today?"

Wyome was watching the dynamics between the new command staff of security, with great interest. "I am doing well, thank you, Lieutenant Marsh. I do hope that you both were able to read the reports that had been written about the situation upon the Majestic." She winced slightly due to the wrong wording there. "Actually, it is not a situation, it is more of us being the sanctuary of sentient programs, uh, holo people? I am sorry sirs, I do not know how to refer to them as. Though I am more of the notion of looking at them as people." She took a breath then continued. "We have shared the responsibility to keep watch over the holosuite where they are currently living, upon the Captain's orders."

"Thank you, Ensign Wyome, for the briefing," S'vor responded, his tone calm and composed. He absorbed the information provided, particularly noting the mention of the holo suite and its inhabitants.

"Could you provide additional details regarding the holo suite and the individuals residing within it?" S'vor inquired, his tone remaining neutral but curious. "Understanding the nature of their presence and any potential security implications is essential for our operations."

He glanced briefly at Lieutenant Marsh, acknowledging her presence before returning his focus to Ensign Wyome, awaiting further information.

"Oz is their leader, then there is Gwendolyn, Indigo, Glowbug, and Aurora. We also have a metal animatronic dragon who is being housed in Cargo Bay nine. His name is Guardian. We've got security stationed there. As for the holosentients, they are not allowed to step foot onto the rest of the ship. Oz had the capability but willingly gave up the amulet that he had, out of respect for keeping the crew on the ship comfortable. One other note, they do have a representative, Lieutenant T'seng the diplomatic officer that was brought onboard with the holo-sentients as well as Guardian, from Adna Station." Wyome paused there to see if S'vor and Marsh had some questions.

Tara took everything in without changing her smile. The only hint of thought was a small concealing of her teeth and slight narrowing of her brows. "The holo-sentients. Are they able to travel the ship without holo-emitters? Is that why they are currently lodged within one holosuite?"

"There isn't the capability for the group to travel through the ship, holo emitters have not been placed around the ship, nor have they been given any emitters either. They've not requested any. They are aware of the crew being uncomfortable with the idea of having that ability being given to them. You see, a quick rundown of why the crew is feeling that way, they had gone to a station that was run completely by Holograms, however the main computer/AI had a glitch in the system, as in she wanted to be a real person. The crew was being captured and were being put into stasis, however there were the independently operating rag tag rebel group of holo-sentients which helped out several of the crew to shut down Adna. They were coordinated by Splice, aka Lieutenant T'seng who had been in what is referred to a crystal and metal sarcophagus." She stopped there. To see if there were any other questions from the two department heads.

S'vor listened attentively to Ensign Wyome's explanation, absorbing the details about the holo-sentients and their current situation. He made a mental note of the key points, particularly regarding their limited mobility and the actions taken to ensure the comfort and security of the crew.

When Lieutenant Marsh posed her question about the holo-sentients' ability to travel without emitters, S'vor observed her with his characteristic stoicism. However, he did not interject or offer any additional comments at that moment, as Ensign Wyome was already providing a thorough response.

Upon hearing Wyome's clarification that the holo-sentients did not have the capability to travel through the ship without emitters, S'vor acknowledged the information with a nod of understanding. He remained silent, allowing the briefing to continue without further interruption.

One less problem to deal with. Not every holo is running amuck. Tara thought to herself. "Adna? Who or what is Adna? And what about this Lieutenant T'seng and the sarcophagus? How does this all tie together?" Tara mused aloud. She supposed the Vulcan might have already discerned this but she was not Vulcan and more about action than thinking often times.

"Adna was the name of the station, and also the name of the AI. Lt. T'seng was the only humanoid upon that station who was in somewhat stasis, but was able to link up with the station on a limited basis. I really do not know all of the details. You'd have to speak to Lieutenant Lily Marlow, she is the assistant chief medical officer who was one of the crew trapped on Adna station. She would be able to shed more light upon what happened. She is also one of the ones allowed within the holodeck where the holosentients reside. She was also the one who helped get Lieutenant T'seng out of the sarcophagus."

"Who else is allowed within the holodeck to speak with the holosentients?" Tara asked, her mind mentally sorting out who may and may not be security threats.

"The Captain, the XO -Commander Aldrich, 2nd Officer Commander Murphy, Lieutenant Marlow, Lieutenants Carberos and Zamfir, Lieutenant Orin Sempton. Commander T'Par, the Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Shalakar and Lieutenant T'seng. These are the people who have been in contact with the Holosentients and are allowed to go in. Aldrich, Murphy, Sempton, T'Par, Marlow and T'seng were among those who were on Adna." Thorson reported. She went quiet after her additional report.

Tara faced S'Vor and said smartly, "With your permission, sir, I would like to interview Lieutenant Marlow to learn more about Lieutenant T'Seng."

S'vor nodded in agreement with Tara's assessment. "Indeed, it appears that not all holographic entities pose a threat, Lieutenant," he remarked, acknowledging her astute observation.

As Tara posed her questions about Adna and Lieutenant T'seng, S'vor listened attentively, processing the information provided by Ensign Wyome. He made a mental note to seek further clarification on these matters, recognizing their potential significance to the security and operations of the USS Majestic.

When Tara expressed her intention to interview Lieutenant Marlow, S'vor considered her request carefully. After a brief moment of contemplation, he responded, "Your initiative is commendable, Lieutenant Marsh. I see no issue with your proposal. In fact, I would appreciate being present during the interview to gain a deeper understanding of the situation. Please proceed with scheduling the interview, and I will ensure my presence."

"Aye sir," Tara replied, wondering why her Chief felt the need to be there too. Would it not be more efficient if they divided their efforts? She was not about to ask this question in front of others. After all, she had no desire to undermine anyone's authority unintentionally. Besides, there was probably something that the Vulcan understood more than her.

S'vor noted Tara's acknowledgment and inwardly appreciated her professionalism and respect for the chain of command. While she might have questioned his decision to be present during the interview, he understood the importance of maintaining cohesion and unity within the security team, especially given their recent arrival on the USS Majestic.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Marsh," S'vor responded with a nod. "Efficiency is indeed a priority, but I believe there may be nuances and details that require both of our insights. As the newest additions to the USS Majestic, it is imperative that we familiarize ourselves with all aspects of the situation. Together, we can ensure a comprehensive understanding and effective response."

With that, S'vor gestured towards Ensign Wyome, indicating their readiness to proceed with any further updates or tasks assigned to them. "Please do continue, Ensign."

Tara merely nodded and gave Ensign Wyome a friendly and encouraging smile.

"I do not have anything more to report on, not to my knowledge. Those of us here have been doing our best to keep security running as smoothly as we can. We do welcome you both onto the Majestic and are very happy to have you join us," Wyome stated.

The other security members nodded in agreement. Ensign Thass was quiet though, still having a brooding expression but not saying a word being attentive.

Tara beamed at Wyome but wondered at Thass' brooding expression. She would have to talk to him separately at some point soon. "It sounds like you did a great job to me. Thank you for the briefing. I'm sure that if we have any questions that you would all be a great help."

Wyome and the others nodded, "You are welcome." Ensign Thorson responded.

Ensign Thass spoke up, his voice a rather strong baritone, also sounding a little gravelly. "Sirs, may we be excused, I need to get some rack time before my shift."

"Thank you all. You are all, dismissed," S'vor said in his typically composed tone, his gaze sweeping over the assembled security personnel. He acknowledged their efforts with a subtle nod of respect before turning to exit the briefing room.

Now alone with Wyome, Tara silently marveled at the Vulcan Chief who left. His behavior was unusual for a Vulcan. It did not seem as logical and scientific as she had seen from most Vulcans. However, a Vulcan in security was highly unusual as well. Perhaps they would talk about it soon.

Wyome looked at Tara, "Anything else I can do for you, Lieutenant Marsh?" having a cheery smile.

"Absolutely! And please, call me Tara when nobody is around. Why don't you tell me everything that you can about the crew? Any known troublemakers? And, who do you work out with? I'm going to need a whole new set of partners here."

"Well, how about we do that away from here and get something to eat. I've not had anything to eat yet so... shall we?" Wyome raising her eyebrows in a questioning look.

"Well, I guess that would not be a bad idea. Let's do that!"

"Okay lets go."Wyome giving a grin. This was turning out to be some sort of day, and she was liking the new department heads already.


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