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Phase Two

Posted on Sat Mar 30th, 2024 @ 11:00pm by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant Hadir Prenar

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Holodeck
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The door where Hadir and Aisanna were at, opened, and Lily stepped inside. She had been summoned by Aisanna who had let her know she needed to return. Lily had a bit of rest and felt more energized.

"Hello, I am ready to continue when you are. " she stated, hoping that more answer will come about. "Will I need to be back on the bio bed to go through my memories?" her eyes stopping on Hadir.

"I think it may come to that. However, I feel first if we ask you some questions and see what you remember in your surface memory. Perhaps we may not have to dig so deep this time. Come sit down, get comfortable and we can see what we can see." Hadir said and then motioned toward one of the chairs.

Lily took a seat to where she can see both Hadir as well as Aisanna.

"First off before we ask you questions, how about I give you some tea." Aisanna commented.

"That would be lovely, thank you." Lily responded with a smile. "Ginger with lemon please."

Aisanna gave a nod and retrieved the tea for Lily, who accepted it with gratefulness.

Aisanna resumed her seat, then looked at Hadir. "The floor is yours unless you wish me to begin the questions?"

"During your time with Annabelle and in particular the days leading up to the explosion. Do you recall feeling as if you were being followed or watched?" Hadir leaned back in his chair with tented fingers. A mannerism he was told made him seem sinister, but it helped him think.

Lily gave pause in mid sip of her tea, looking over the brim of her cup. "Strange question but as you have asked it," thinking back to her now unlocked memories. "I remember feeling like we were being watched, there was this one gentleman who gave us a wink of appreciation then took his eyes away when his lady came running up to kiss him. At least I though he was flirting with us but he was just looking at his lady. It was truly cute seeing them together. You know come to think of it, I have had the sensation of being followed after I went to go get the ingredients for Annabelle's favorite cookies." she the took a drink from her mug, her brow furrowed.

Hadir nodded as she spoke. He had a hunch, and it seemed that his hunch held true, at least for now. "Alright, now I want you concentrate. Try to picture the man and his lady in your head and give me a description." He had a PADD at the ready to record the description that she gave. His plan was to get the information then enter her thoughts and see if he can find anyone that fit the description. This person could, in theory, be the culprit they sought after.

"The man had dark hair, brown eyes, stood about 6' in height. He had a strong chin, with a slight scar near the right corner of his mouth. His hair was short, almost seemed bristly. The woman's head reached just about the top of his ear, so maybe about five foot eight. She had dark hair but it was loose and it covered her ears. Her face looked slightly angular, almost like a Vulcan or Romulan, but when she tucked a strand of hair, behind one of her ears. her ear was human like." Lily gave a little bit of a shrug.

"I saw those details when I brushed past them as I went for chocolate chips. They were in the baking aisle. They certainly were cooking up something. I remember thinking to myself, they needed a room." Lily took another drink of her tea. "I did see another woman come up and interrupted them then the three left." adding that final part. "Both of the women had dark hair. She looked to me like she had some Romulan/Vulcan blood in them. There was that certain look to the skin."

Aisanna stole a glance towards Hadir, then back to Lily.

Hadir returned Aisanna's glance. It seemed that they may have had their culprit or culprits. However, more information was needed. "Now, I want you to think about where and when you have seen any of those three people. Other than the market that you mentioned." He wanted to see if there was a pattern. This would enable them to possible learn who these people were. The next step would be to enter Lily's mind again and get images of these people. Then cross-reference those images with computer records to see if they could get a match.

"Are you referring to the last time I saw them, or was being followed, before or after the explosion." she took a sip of her tea going through her memories, "There were some instances after I recovered from my injuries, I thought I was being followed. It stopped though when I signed on to Captain Rutherford's ship, as his ACMO and we were out away from Earth. Captain Rutherford's other ship was the USS Nighthawk." Lily talking for a moment to get her mind in order.

"I would say the last time you saw them both before and after the explosion. Did you see any of them separate from each other in the days leading up to the explosion." Hadir said as he leaned back and crossed his legs. He knew this was going to be a long process, so he might as well get comfortable.

Lily was quiet for a few moments as she thought back, finally she spoke, "I don't recall if I had seen them any other time before the explosion except for my seeing them at the store. When we got back to the main space dock above Earth, from Captain Rutherfords ship, I think I saw a familiar face, I wasn't certain though, it had been a little bit since that explosion. It was one of the females, I think"

Her forehead crinkling up with concentration. "I was on SB 180, when I thought I was being followed, this was after we got away from Adna Station. I was passing by an establishment there called the Afterburner and when I looked back a man was there then he stepped inside. I continued on passed it. I bumped into a lady with dark hair as I was a few feet away, she was in a big hurry for some reason."

"Alright, I think we know where we need to start with this session. Let us begin with the memory at Spacedock. Then we can proceed to the Afterburner. With any luck we will be able to get faces of these people and run them through the computer to see what we can come up with. Now Lily, Aisanna are you ready to begin?" Hadir was eager to get back to the memory exploration. He knew that their answers lay there.

Lily finished up her tea setting her cup gently upon the side table. Rising up she walked over to where Aisanna was waiting for her, Lily making herself comfortable, awaiting Aisanna to attach the sensor pads upon her. Once all was ready Aisanna went to her own bio bed near Lily and attached the sensor pads to herself.

"Okay here we go." Aisanna said as she made contact with Lily. "Don't forget your meditative breathing." she added with a quiet voice.

A slight nod from Lily and she began her breathing and the same for Aisanna.

The scene unfolded in Lily's memory. She had just gotten the clearance from her injuries and she was getting ready to go home for more recovery. She took a moment or two to admire the stars once more, and looked towards where the Nighthawk was resting. Workerbees and other engineering staff were working upon the hull. Several others were there gazing when she was bumped into by a woman, Lily catching a glimpse of her reflection. The woman was gone in an isntance. The woman murmured a soft apology, then moved away.

Lily had looked over her shoulder towards the direction the woman had gone, only noting her dark hair.

Time moved forward to where Lily was at a bar having some fair well drinks with some of her former crewmates, before she boarded the shuttle to head for the Majestic. A clumsy person, a rather drunk man he was trying to cling on her, sobbing and asking her forgiveness and not leave him. He had been shoved away by her brothers who were with her, and called the bouncers, the man was able to elude them and disappeared. He had longish hair and a thin moustache which drooped below his jawline. It was a brief glimpse before she was overwhelmed with his smell.

"Oh he reeked!" Lily exclaimed, "A bad mixture of garlic and something else along with alcohol. It was rather foul." Lily wrinkling up her nose in disgust, remembering the scent vividly. "I had to sniff coffee grounds to get my sense of smell back, it was that bad."

Aisanna spoke, "Lily did the man seem familiar to you?" the betazed doctor having noticed something about the man who was trying to cling on Lily.

"Uh no he didn't seem familiar at all. Besides it was kind of difficult to keep some drunk man off of me and getting a good look at him. I was gagging at the stench and my eyes were watering." Lily replied, giving a shudder.

There was not much for Hadir to do during these sessions. However, this time he knew the one job he had. He controlled the computer and as such he made sure to take imaging of the woman's reflection in the window, and this drunk man. As he stated before Hadir's hope was to learn who these people were.

Aisanna gave a nod, "Going from there, the encounter or encounters on SB 180, what can you tell us or show us?" the betazed doctor urged Lily.

"Well, let me see if I can focus on the two people encountered there." Lily's brow scrunching up as she worked on a more clear image of the two people. At first there was a swirling bit of color then the woman came into focus. She looked similar to the one that Lily had encountered, back before the explosion of Annabelle's cabin.

"Alright Lily, hold that image please," Aisanna requested. Then once she was certain that Hadir was able to get a record of that image, she went on to the man who seemed to have followed Lily, until she passed by the Afterburner Bar.

"Okay Lily focus on the man who you thought was following you." Aisanna urged Lily once more.

Lily could feel her heart start to pound as she made a first attempt. The image of the man fuzzy and blurred. Lily was feeling a bit panicked at her attempt.

"Try again, Lily, you are not alone, I am here as well as Hadir." Aisanna giving a comforting squeeze to the younger woman's hand she had been holding."This will help you out, and it will help us out as well. "

Tears were pouring down Lily's cheeks, having a struggle with the request. "I am scared, I don't know why but I am frightened to find out."

"Lily, trust me, this is important. You've already been through a lot already, more than what you're facing now. You need to push through that."

Lily was quiet for a moment then, she nodded. Once again the swirling of colors, then the man's features came into focus.

Aisanna's eyes flashed open, she looking towards Hadir. it was Lily's interrogator, when her memory was locked up.

Lily sat up rather abruptly, "What? It can't be, not him. Who is he?" she demanded rather angrily. "He's the man who questioned me before. Before..." she couldn't finish what she was going to say. Trembling with rage, Lily gave out an inarticulate sound . "He-he was going into the Afterburner Bar." she finally growled out.

There it was again the Afterburner Bar, Aisanna's eyebrow raised, as she silently regarded Hadir.

"May I be excused, I think I have had enough right now. Do you need anymore information?" Lily fought to pull in her rage due to this new discovery.

The new revelations were not lost on Hadir. The fact that she was being followed by Starfleet Intelligence before they actually needed to speak to her intrigued him. He had more questions than he knew what to do with. However, they would have to wait until Lily was in a better state of mind. "Yes of course. Go rest and the Doctor and I will go over this latest information."

Lily gave a stiff nod, removed the sensors off her temples and strode out. Lily was wishing that there some wooden doors to slam, just something to convey her anger.

Aisanna was quiet for a few moments, allowing the atmosphere of the room to settle down. Lily's turbulent emotions were understandable, they hit Aisanna like a strong blast of wind from a terrible storm and she needed to reset. A deep breath from the doctor then she spoke quietly, "I've not seen her this angry before. I do know that she's been upset before, this though is a whole new level from her."

"The anger is understandable. When you do not come from a culture in which you are used to being used then you get angry when you learn how you are being used. A tad confusing if you ask me. At least on Cardassia you know that you are always being used, so there are no surprises. If we can learn who this person was I have no doubt that will subside her anger." Hadir spoke with a broad smile. He already began to feed the data into the computer to see if they could come up with a match to the face in Lily's head.

Aisanna gave a nod. "I am hoping that this settles her mind and heart after this. Lets get to work then."



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