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Wreck It Room

Posted on Sun Mar 31st, 2024 @ 12:11am by Lieutenant Lily Marlow

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: After Meeting with Hadir
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In olden days, and maybe even now, rooms have been created to where people can do some; as what can be termed, Destruction Therapy. A type of stress relief that is in a controlled environment with safety gear upon the person indulging in this. This is what Lily had constructed for herself with different items set up to be smashed. She was filled with volcanic ire, knowing that someone messed with her memories.

Lily hid it though seeming to have a calm demeanor as she walked through the corridors towards the holodeck. It was as if she were just going to indulge in a serene ramble in a picturesque park or even have a lovely day upon a beach enjoying the sun, whilst listening to the sound of the waves caressing the land. She entered the code to allow her inside and also activate her program. As soon as the door closed behind her, locking it for privacy, Lily just screamed out with rage and frustration. But it wasn’t enough of a relief. She donned the protective gear she was going to be wearing, full body covering including goggles to protect herself. This was going to be needed with what lay before her. Glass bottles of various sizes were set apart on two tables, next were some metal objects one looking like a toaster. Another object looked like an old archaic printer. Old keyboard as well as what looked like an old metal computer tower, another blast from the past. A window frame with glass in it and even what looked to be like a windshield from a car.

Propped against the wall was a rack which held several tools with which to pound the crud out of something. Sledge hammer, crow bar, baseball bat. Lily looked at what was available then picked up the crowbar first, feeling the weight of it, it had a great heft to it. Before she started wrecking things, Lily called out.”Computer, play Lily mix number thirteen!”

The beginning song started with the primal scream from Led Zeppelin's Immigrant, it ringing out, Lily added in her own as she went for a table with five bottles, the crowbar swinging down and shattering one of the soda pop shaped bottles she hit, shards of glass flying through the air. the others just jumped off the table with her first smash, landing on the floor with a tink tink clink, she frowned and threw the crowbar down, with a metallic clang, it wasn’t satisfying. She picked up the baseball bat, it was made of wood, she did a few experimental swings in the air, yeah that will work. She set the other bottles back up on the table, stepped back and slammed the bat downwards. This time she hit more than one bottle, breaking them with a satisfying sound. To the next table she went, the glass was shaped into mason jars which were used in bottling food. The music that came on was Hearts, ‘Barracuda’. More bottles smashed as the song played.

The song then changed, to the heavy drumbeat of Bodies by Drowning Pool and the angry roar of the artists, this time the next glass victims were gallon sized pickle jars,a mighty swing of the bat once more. It was almost like slow motion in her mind, watching the impact of the bat against the glass bottle as if the side crumpled then shattering, sending the shards away from her. “Computer pause music Give me more to break!” Lily yelled, “Just.. no mirrors!”

Right now just the shattering of the glass seemed to be rather satisfying, and the other objects that were not glass disappeared. All around her, were other bottles of varying hues and colors. The lighting shone in such a way that the colored bottles just shimmered like jewels. Lily took a moment to admire that aspect, only for a moment though.

“Computer, resume music!” The computer played Bodies from the beginning, Lily swinging her bat, shattering the glass bottles. The music segued into another song,’ Monster’ by Skillet. Sure old earth songs may not be the mainstream music, but Lily didn’t care, they had the emotions that she felt helped to channel out her feelings.

The music changed to that of more of classical in nature, 'Night on Bald Mountain' Lily calling out for ambience to reflect the stormy nature of the piece by, Mussorgsky. At the end of the piece, Lily was beginning to feel a sense of calmness started to descend upon her, however there was one last song that began to play. She had only a few more glass items to break, Lily was perspiring, as this was a work out to empty herself from the anger. The last song was Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling sung by Lzzy Hale.

Lily stood there panting, her head hung down low catching her breath. Her head rose up, a steely glint in her eyes she approached the last table. Her baseball bat swung through the air sideways, hitting the bottles, smash! The glass items now all broken, the shards catching the light and somewhat shimmering. The broken pieces crunched beneath Lily's protective boots, as she moved to place the baseball bat back in its slot. She looked back at the destruction she rendered. Drawing in a deep breath, Lily divested herself of the protective gear, in a safe spot where she wouldn't get cut. She brushed her sweat soaked hair, moving it from her face. One more glance at the havoc, Lily called out.

"Computer, End Program." Lily watching as the grid squares appeared against the darkness of the holodeck. She took in the silence of it for a few moments, then Lily turned and left. Once again Lily traversed the corridors, this time going straight to her quarters, feeling emptied of her ire, and her hurt. At least now she knew, her friend as far as she knew, maybe still alive. A shower and then to bed, her last thoughts spoken aloud before her eyes closed in slumber was.

"I will find you Annabelle, somehow, someday I will find you." and Lily slipped into deep slumber.


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