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Three Parts Make A Whole

Posted on Tue Apr 19th, 2022 @ 5:08am by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant Commander Dominic Aldrich & Lieutenant T'Par & Lieutenant JG Siora Carberos & Lieutenant JG Orin Sempton

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Science Labs
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It was the next day, and Lily was wanting to get to the bottom of what was going on with the Guardian. For now though, she wished to examine the stasis pod that T'seng had been in. Perhaps there would be a clue that would unravel the mystery. Could possibly have the clues as to where the sentient holo people can be taken. She had sent a message to Dominic, Orin, T'Par and Siora to meet with her in the science lab where the stasis chamber had been sent. She stepped inside where it was resting and took one more look at it, just marvelling that this stasis chamber had kept T'seng alive and protected.

A beckoning call from lovely Lily. They had a nice chat at lunch and to see her again was always a welcome sight that Siora wished would happen more often. Starfleet employs such good looking people she had noticed amongst all the ships and stations she had been on. As the doors parted she smiled as she saw Lily from behind and she skipped in to see the stasis pod. "Now that is a sight..." she said not referring possibly to Lily or the pod. Who can tell?

Lily turned towards the sound of Siora's voice. "Long time no see." cracking a smile, then she turned back towards the stasis chamber and moved closer. "this thing was what kept a woman alive for almost 20 years until we found her." walking further towards the stasis chamber running a hand over the crystalline lid of it. "This is old, definitely before my time. I'm waiting for the science team to get here before we have a really good look see."

"I hope you are not implying I am old." Siora teased as she moved in closer to get a better look at the craft. "There are plenty of things that are before my time too." she added with a small elbow to Lily's arm. "I will say this though, must have a decent power source to keep someone frozen for nearly 20 years. Reminds me of the Eugenics Wars..." she trailed off.

"I am not saying you are old." giving a smirk towards the Chief Operations Officer. "And it does have its own power source." Lily added.

Dominic entered the Science lab in a sort of surreal moment. For the longest time, this was where he spent most of his time. Now that he was learning how to XO a ship, he wasn't spending as much time here as he would like. Perhaps when things were more "normal" that would change. "Hello, Lieutenants," he said as he approached the two.

Orin walked into the lab, eyes darting back and forth through a series of datapads that he kept rotating through. Caught up in his work, he moved to one of the consoles and tapped out a few commands with one hand while continuing to read the PaDD currently on top of the stack. His eyes came across something that he couldn't help making a grimace at, and proceeded to drop the stack of PaDDs on top of the console with a sigh. Coming fully back to the now, he looked up, realized where he was and who was there before turning a slight shade of pink. "Good... morning?"

Lily smiled and chuckled slightly, "Good Morning Lieutenant Sempton, and Commander Aldrich. I am looking forward to solving the puzzle of this stasis chamber and also finding out where our guests need to be at." she directed their attention towards Siora. "In case you've not met her yet, this is Lieutenant Carberos our newly arrived chief operations officer." she smiled then looked once more at the stasis chamber. "I will say this thing is older than what I have seen in my time. However, it did its job in keeping Lieutenant T'Seng alive."

T'Par entered and walked immediately to the stasis chamber. She examined it visually for a moment as if expecting to notice something different. Then she moved to a console. "Good morning, everyone.

"Hello Lieutenant T'Par, this may end up becoming an interesting puzzle to solve." Lily greeting T'par. "I just hope that we will be able to figure this out."

"That is my hope as well," T'Par said. "Our scans are able to determine a great deal of information about the device, none of which is an obvious or clear indication of its origins. It looks like Lieutenant Sempton has already adopted a line of research." T'Par then glanced towards Orin's many PADDs.

Lily nodded, "He and I had talked with the Guardian which is being housed in a cargo bay, the only place that is large enough. Still the mystery remains where did he come from and if we can find out how long he's been around."

"Perhaps quite a long time," T'Par answered as she checked over the data. "According to my tests, this device is nearly a thousand years of age." There was a pause. "Tests of this nature are necessarily approximate," the Vulcan added, as if apologizing for not having it down to the second.

Orin winced. "A thousand years..." He looked down at the PaDDs containing information from the Guardian and text on Terran history he was planning on giving it. "To see what it has seen through those many years. The trudge from wooden sailing ships to intra-galactic travel. From horses to shuttlecraft, swords and spears to energy weapons. To see the endless waltz of war, peace and progress." His vision grew distant as the thought permeated his mind, snippets of memory of all the places his father had brought them in his quest to fill the gaps in knowledge war had cased. He shook off the memory as quickly as it had come. "My apologies."

"I don't think any apologies are needed, Orin. We have a finite capacity to comprehend the grand scale of time and when we do, it can be overwhelming when we think about the length of our own lives. I think it is good to consider such things, as you know from your own expeditionary experiences. Perhaps, its even more so right to weigh such things as we work with the Guardian and try to enter into that world rather than view everything from our own," Dominic stated.

"Now, Sekat and I brought T'seng out of her slumber from this device and we almost lost her. Apparently she had issues with her heart, that they couldn't take care of 20 some odd years ago. However, she is healed and catching up what has taken place since she's been asleep." Lily stated.

Orin scratched his head. "Hmm. Not the first time I've heard of that happening." He closed his eyes, and began searching his memory. "Cryogenically freezing those who had just passed or were about to from disease or age related illnesses happened a lot in the 20th century." He looked over to the stasis chamber. "Unfortunately, not all of them were this well constructed."

"None of them used the sort of crystalline technology incorporated into this device," T'Par noted, "nor did the cryochambers on early Earth and Vulcan sleeper ships."

Lily looked once more towards the Stasis chamber. "Well whomever crafted this they not only created a work of art but something rather functional." she turned towards Siora. "Have you seen anything like this before?" she asked. "Though looking at it, I am almost comparing it to something that has been in fairy tales."

"My people used to believe in the healing powers of our crystals. To some extent we still do... it is funny as I have read about your fictional elven people in books, your 'fairy tales' as you say and we are very similar to them in many ways. I sometimes think elves were a fiction made on your planet by my own people trying to feel a little of their home on yours." Siora said trailing off a little before shaking her head and coming back to the present.

"Sorry..." she said before moving to get a closer look at the technology. "It is similar to our older technology, but it is not ours. There was a species I knew of called the Yber back in the Delta Quadrant. Their technology was crystalline based and they were able to harness the power of the crystals in the core of their planet to produce power for all sorts of devices."

"Does this match what you remember of Yber technology?" T'Par asked the El Aurian.

"Without getting into the inside of one of the crystals I cannot be sure." Siora replied. "But on the surface and without knowing of any other species that would use them to this degree then I'd lean towards saying it is Yber tech."

"Fascinating," T'Par commented with the lift of one brow. "Then perhaps we have a starting point for our investigation."

"First part would be to remove one of the crystalline shards. If we are doing so then I suggest a forcefield around it, sometimes they can be 'temperamental' in their behaviour." Siora suggested.

Dominic looked at Siora, "By temperamental do you mean it has an unstable lattice once part of it is removed?"

"Yes. The outer crystalline casing acts as a shell, a safety barrier if you will that harnesses the power within. Once you remove that outer shell and expose the core of the crystal is can destabilise. Usually a forcefield mimicking the properties of the shell is enough to contain any surprises." Siora replied.

"That would be a disaster for that happening. And I am wondering if the crystals are sensitive to different harmonics." Lily stated. "Sometimes crystals have their own, energy, like a radio in old times."

"Yes, let's not destroy the lab with us in it please... I just got here." Siora joked a little to lighten the mood. "But I suppose the use of certain harmonics may dampen the energy within for us to take a look. Would need to be careful though."

"Lets do that then, as I'd rather not have my atoms scattered to through the quadrants on solar winds." Orin chimed in. "Also, what would tech from all the way out in the Delta Quadrant be doing out here?"

"That is the pertinent question," T'Par commented. "There are several logical possibilities, one of which is that our holograms have a Yber origin."

"To be fair..." Siora began. "I am from the Delta Quadrant and I am here. If this is Yber tech it could easily have been stolen from them hundreds of years ago and used for someone else's purposes, or it is a poor mans rip off." She continued. "But as T'Par has said there are lots of scenarios where anyone's tech can fall into anyone's hands given circumstances out of their control."

"And we won't know until we get hold of whatever information that probably is contained within either here, or the Guardian or both. "Lily remarked, "So, we raise up some sort of shielding to prevent discordant harmonics and delve into the mystery of this item. Also... Didn't Oz give someone an amulet of some kind? I think he had made the comment that it may contain some information that we need as well."

After few moments of contemplation, Lily spoke once more. "Well how about we get that forcefield set up and check those harmonics out or would it better to take this to where Guardian is at and work there. Possibly the stasis chamber is connected in some way to the Guardian. What do you think?"

"He was set to guard this thing." Orin replied "He may know its workings and give us an idea." His face darkened for a second as another thought struck him. "He may also have no idea as he was just set to guard it and T'Seng..." He shook his head. "Sorry. We should still ask."

Lily tilted her head slightly, at Orin's reaction, "Well either way, it would be easier to set up a forcefield around it and have more room to work things out." looking at those gathered. She looked over towards Dominic, then Siora then T'par and then Orin. "Would that be good for you?" looking towards the XO. "You will get the final decision."

"I think, given all of the factors involved here, that would be the most prudent course of action," Dominic replied.


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